6 Easy Tricks To Land Yourself An International Internship

6 Easy Tricks To Land Yourself An International Internship


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Want global exposure and a perfect international internship? These simple tricks will help you become an intern abroad.

An international internship is a dream come true for any college student. The benefits of an internship abroad are manifold including global corporate & research exposure, cultural exchange and the opportunity of living in a new country if only for a short while.

This stint abroad will open up opportunities for you within India itself or even in the country you did your internship. But, the biggest hurdle is actually finding internship opportunities abroad!

We have listed six easy tricks that will help you in get an international internship –

  1. Pick countries that are easy to visit

Students generally get visas easily as they are supported by documentation from the companies/universities. However, it is not a blanket rule and you don’t want to miss out on a great international internship just because you couldn’t get a visa.

Countries like Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia are friendly to Indians and are also countries with high growth. Most MNCs have a presence in these countries and it will be easy to land an internship and also get a visa to pursue it.

For research internships in universities, countries like Germany, Italy, and Taiwan are great options.

  1. List out your dream companies and institutes

Unlike internships in India, you have to sweat a bit for your international internship! However, one of the tricks to get ahead of your competition is to be prepared.

Create two sets of companies and institutes; one that is your dream list and other that will be your probable list.

The dream list will be companies that are located in the countries you wish to try for. By doing this exercise you can focus and increase your chances to intern abroad.

The second list of probable companies is the list that you can get selected in, thanks to your skill sets and qualifications.

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  1. Keep a track of application schedules

Remember searching for international internships on Google and finding that you missed the last date of applying for all of them? That can be a horrible feeling!

Don’t let that happen to you again!

The best trick in your box is to keep a track of the application schedules of all the companies and institutes on your list. You can physically write them down or keep an alarm on online calendars. This way you won’t regret not missing out on the deadline and can still finding yourself bagging that international internship.

  1. Get your recommendation letters handy

This is where most students mess up their applications!

Companies and universities abroad love recommendations from your current faculty.

An official letter from your faculty indicates that you are a responsible and capable student who is adept at certain skills that will help them.

Companies like this because they can filter genuine candidates. However, most faculties take a long time to write the recommendations and you cannot hurry them!

The best thing is to ask them for letters much in advance, with at least 2 months to go before the last date of applications. This way you will have them handy to submit when applications open for your international internship.

  1. Keep updating your resume

A professional resume can be the differentiator for a successful international internship selection. Your internship application season is going to be very hectic so the trick is to keep your resume ready weeks in advance. The best way is to keep regularly updating it, as and when you achieve new milestones in your academic career. Last minute resume making will only hamper your chances for grabbing internship opportunities abroad.

  1. Polish your networking skills

Many international internships are not even announced, they are in fact filled up through references. The power of references is something that students, unfortunately, learn too late!

But this is the right time, start connecting with your alumni or seniors who may have done internships abroad or are now working abroad. They may offer you the chance to apply to internships within their companies.

The next step is to keep family and friends in the know. And most importantly, be active on LinkedIn. Managers outside India are even more active on LinkedIn and respond easily, so make sure you cover that base!

Surprised at how these small tricks and tips to land international internships can help you? Find more such advice and inspiration about internships on our blog here.