6 Exciting Internships In Chennai You Can’t Afford To Miss

6 Exciting Internships In Chennai You Can’t Afford To Miss


internships in Chennai

In our country, the overarching goal of higher education is to make students job-ready. A part of the educational journey involves taking up valuable internships in India.

Most of the professional colleges in India now prioritize partaking of students in internships and industrial training to adequately prepare them for a successful and fruitful career.

The knowledge imparted to students in colleges through textbooks and assignments is complemented by practical, real-life learning during internships.

The importance of internships in a student’s life can’t be questioned.

Students learn how to manage their time, create a meaningful professional network and adjust in a real-corporate structure which is very different from the comfortable classroom.

Basically, college internships lay the foundation of a student’s career from whereon they are enabled to make fully conscious decisions about their career.

Sadly, most opportunities for internships in India are unpaid but there is still hope for you because of LetsIntern, a platform that allows about 4 million students to find suitable internships of all forms.

So, if you’re a student in India you can easily find internships that provide a great learning experience and pay some of your bills too.

You can apply for some really exciting internships in Chennai that will fulfill your creative desires and also make you ready for the corporate challenges ahead.

Internships in Chennai

With LetsIntern you can apply for internships in Chennai that will prove to be life-changing experiences for you. Depending on your educational background and interests, you can find college internships at some of the coolest start-ups and even multinational companies in various departments.

Digital Marketing Internship

Lightning Speed

The Lightning Speed Events Services is one of the renowned event companies in Chennai. The company ensures the best quality of event production and provides services like music, catering, creative design and style for large events.

The company is planning to extend its services to the singles community as well.

If you’re passionate about event management, this is the right college internship for you.

The roles and responsibilities include the marketing of event services and market research for clients based in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia. Managing social media accounts and event promotion is also a part of this internship in Chennai.

Stipend: 10K to 80K


Human Resource Internship


HiringForYouIndia consists of a bunch of young, talented folks who provide HR solutions to startups and mid-level organizations.

The company boasts of the most advanced HRMS based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that helps students find the right kind of college internships at the right organization.

The company is a great catch for those looking for challenging internships in Chennai. The duties of the intern would include lead generation, client coordination and the achievement of monthly targets and agendas.

Stipend – 3K to 60K


Graphic Designer Intern

Visual BI

Visual BI is one of the fastest growing companies in India that focuses exclusively on Business Intelligence & Analytics.

The company is headquartered in Texas where it is known for its products like BI Products, Analytic Solutions, and Consulting Services.

It is one of the rare futuristic internships in Chennai that can transform your career entirely.

The role of an intern is to deliver appealing design solutions that are in alignment with company color scheme and aesthetics for the company website, marketing material and roadshows on an ongoing basis.

Stipend – 10K


Marketing Intern


Synergita is a cloud-based, Continuous Employee Performance Management, Development & Engagement Software.

The system is used to track employee information, salary, performance tracking and all things related to employee management.

This is one of the most creatively challenging internships in Chennai that involves marketing, idea generation, market research, and market communication.

This college internship will provide international market exposure to interns that would help widen their horizon. So, let your creative juices flow with Team Synergita as you work towards achieving the monthly targets

Stipend – 5K



Sports Writer & Contributor

Cover The Spread 365

Cover The Spread is a sports-entertainment platform that talks about all things sports and athletes. The company aims to disrupt the status quo of the online sports analysis community by providing content backed by statistics, research, and trends studies.

It is one of the rare and unique internships in Chennai which is great for sports lovers and word-warriors.

The role of the intern is to deliver breaking news and grammatically correct blogs daily about games like NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Soccer (premier league, champion’s league), Ruby, Cricket, and UFC.

If you have a flair for writing and eternal love for sports, then this internship in India is a must for you.

Stipend – 0


SEO Intern

Prime Robotics

Prime Robotics is a leading product development company in the field of Robotics & Internet of things.

It is one of those internships in Chennai where an intern learns much more on the job than in any classroom.

The tricks and techniques of good SEO can’t be learned within the confines of the college classroom. Thus, an internship is essential for real-life learning.

This job role includes working on On-Page and Off Page SEO, backlinks, social media management and WordPress dashboard to enhance the online presence of clients. Other tasks include lead generation through telephonic conversations and effective marketing techniques.

Stipend – 1K to 3K


The above-mentioned internships in Chennai can make you job-ready in a short span of time. Learn about the know-how of the corporate world by working with experts in various fields of operations.

Whether you’re interested in a college internship related to robotics, telecommunication, social media management or absolutely any field of business, you must look up for best internship opportunities with LetsIntern.

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LetsIntern is focused on providing a real professional experience to students while they continue their academic learning colleges.