6 Things only students from IIT’s can relate to!

6 Things only students from IIT’s can relate to!

If you're one of the few who made it through JEE, we're sure you experience one of these things during your time at IIT.


main-qimg-b82858bbea1f1008b016365096c9e87c1. Girls are an imperilled species at any IIT.

The Gender proportion is bad to the point that each young lady in IIT can qualify as a Katrina Kaif. Indeed, even an irregular visit to the library with a girl turns into a major ordeal and will get the tongues wagging crosswise over grounds spreading rumours like “Iska to set hai”.

job-meme2. These “tremendous” desires from folks and bothering relatives.

“He will surely get the job because he’s from IIT.” is a usually heard expression back home, and everywhere else except inside the college campus. Moreover, there is always the competition between every Indian parent in the country, to flaunt their IIT going kid before anyone else can. 

internet-addiction-come-on-baby-gimme-a-little-bandwidth-jus-demotivational-poster-12667868243. LAN is love. LAN is life

From running 4 full capacity servers for Counter Strike, Age of Empires, DOTA, to TV Shows, Movies, and even assignments, the LAN has seen it all, so much so that IIT Delhi actually has a LAN ban to encourage people to participate in cultural and academic activities – and to you know…go out.

Meme4. Hostel food sucks.

IITians know the genuine significance of “Homely Food” cause the mess food is despicable. It’s either the Hunger Games everyday level stuff, or the survival of the fittest challenge. No in between.

575978_10151488937577556_1421933633_n5. Fest season is the best ones for them(or their love lives).

Fest season is the main time when IIT fellows really get the chance to see – or even better – interact with the opposite sex. Furthermore, you’ll often see them eager to do ANYTHING to communicate with them!

become-photographer6. There is always one person who graduates as a photographer, not an engineer:

They say that you enter into college a different person, and come out as an entirely different person. You’d know at least one person who took the above statement quite literally, as they begin with wanting a career in say Engineering, but somewhere along the way ends up being a photographer.

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