6 Things That Prove Internship At Startups Is Not A Bad Option

6 Things That Prove Internship At Startups Is Not A Bad Option


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Fortune500 companies, Big Brands, MNCs – of course, it would be great to get an internship at any of the leading companies.

It would add a lot of value to your CV, but with few opportunities and massive competition, not everyone can land an internship with an established company.

This is where an internship at startups comes to your rescue.

We listed out all the things that prove internship in startups in India are truly awesome –


1. Your work creates impact

Established companies have an elaborate process and system. Things are already running in motion and you only get to learn how the system works. Any work that you do, in most internships in India with established organizations, tends to be work that is trivial or does not directly create an impact. But as an intern at startups, you get to work on projects that impact the company immediately. The work is crucial, whether it is writing code for an app or driving sales and building the initial client list.

2. You understand the business

Startups are often close-knit organizations and run out of a single space. It’s as simple as sitting on the same floor with all the other professionals working on different jobs. You can simply learn a lot from just the conversations that take place around you! Very few internships in India can offer a deep understanding of the business as an internship at startups can. You can learn about how the company makes money, what are the issues and challenges and how these professionals come up with solutions. If you approach it correctly, it’s as good as a crash course in Business Studies!

3. You learn to multi-task

An intern at startups is the ultimate multi-tasker! You may get hired to be the digital marketing intern but you can also be asked to work in customer service or app development! Once you get an internship at startups, you can show initiative and interest to pick your own project. You can also offer to work for multiple teams so that you can learn to your maximum. Such kind of flexibility is not offered at major companies where the departments are set and there is no unofficial movement and learning.

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4. You learn to adapt

One of the most important benefits of an internship at startups is that you learn to adapt to any situation. The life in a startup is very dynamic, the work you do today is very different from what you will do tomorrow. Sometimes, startups pivot and even change their business models completely! In such a setup, as an intern, you get to adapt to the changing environment and job roles. This quality will benefit you immensely once you work full-time in any organization. Nothing can faze you and you will be self-confident and assured that you can kick ass in any setup!


5. You will have better networking

Startup internships in India offer great networking opportunities. The teams at the startups itself are smaller and you will get to know each of them personally. Plus, you also get to interact with all the other parties that interact with the startup. For instance, the clients of the startup, the vendors and other partners. At other established organizations you will rarely get a chance to work with outside parties and will just have the chance to network only with your small team.


6. You have a greater chance at converting to a full-time job

This is probably the best benefit of an internship in startups! Your work will be directly seen by the founders and other team members, your work will be evaluated and your work ethic analyzed. If you fit in well with the rest of the team and do a splendid job then it is more likely that you can convert the internship into a full-time job opportunity.

Now that you know startup internships are pretty cool, here are hundreds of internships where you can apply in your chosen field. Also, do you have any internship experience at a startup? Let us know in the comments below!