College Internships – 6 Things To Keep In Mind When Moving To...

College Internships – 6 Things To Keep In Mind When Moving To A Different City

Excited at the prospect of going to a new city for college internship? Read on to find out if it is the right move for you.


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College internships are your best chance of gaining corporate exposure and broadening your horizon. Some of you will be lucky to get the chance of acquiring internship experience in a different city.

Of course, the thought of moving away from home for a short period can be appealing and very hard to turn down. At the same time you can also be worried and apprehensive about the big bad world you will have to face on your own without the comfort of your parents and friends.

So if you are thinking of taking on an internship in a different city then refer to this list of internship tips for students that will help you make the decision –

1. If the internship is beneficial to your career – Many times you have no flexibility of the location when it comes to college internships that you get through placements.

However, if you have landed an internship on your own, then you need to consider if it will truly help your career.

The internship experience needs to give you the right exposure to a particular job role and industry. You need to be able to learn skills and apply the ones you have to learn and do a great job.

If you are unsure of these or if the internship organization is not very forthcoming with these details then reconsider moving to a new city.


2. How long the internship is – Going to a different city and settling in, and then moving out itself will take you a few days.

Most college internships are for two months, which is an ideal duration.

However, if the internship is only for a few weeks, then it’s not worth moving to a new city for it. You will waste a lot of time getting yourself adjusted to the new place and will not be able to do anything worthwhile.

Also, ensure that it leaves you enough time to come back and get ready for the next year of your college.


3. If you are ready for the financial implications –Unfortunately many college internships are unpaid or pay very little. This might not be enough to cover your expenses to stay in a different city.

Remember you will have a lot of costs including stay, food, transport and some money for emergency purposes.

Don’t go under financial stress or put your parents through it for college internships that you might find in your hometown as well!

Make a budget plan and go through the expenses before saying yes to the internship.


4. Figure out the stay – The best part and also the worst part of college internships that take you away from home is the opportunity of staying on your own.

You can rent your apartment, stay in a hostel or rent a flat with other interns; there are many options nowadays to choose a living style that suits you.

But ensure that you find a safe and secure place as your entire internship experience can be hampered with just one untoward experience!


5. Find a support system in the city – It is unlikely that with the connected world we are in, you will ever be completely alone in India.

You will find people in the new city who are already your family, friends, relatives, seniors from college and just friends of friends.

You need to have a support system in place for college internships away from home, people who you can contact in case of emergency.

You can even build a support system with your office colleagues once you go to!


6. Make sure you are not missing out on something else at home – One of the internship tips for students is to get out of your comfort zone. To go out and do something different to stand out in the competitive job market.

It is for this reason that you may be choosing college internships outside your home city.

But you also need to be sure that you are not losing on better opportunities at home and if the benefits of staying at home outweigh those of going away.

If you can learn more skills at home, do multiple internships and also prepare for your final year campus placements, then you should think twice before taking up those out of town college internships.

Make sure you keep all these things in mind before taking up a college internship away from home. Have you done a similar internship where you had to live in a different city? If so let us know in the comments below about your experience.