7 Things That Will Help Turn Your Internship Into A Full Time...

7 Things That Will Help Turn Your Internship Into A Full Time Job


turn internship into job

Summer internships will come to an end soon and you will get busy with your college course and placement preparation.

But the best way to end your internship would be to turn internship into job!



If you like the internship you are doing and if it’s a great company and team then it would be the best thing to leave with a job in hand.

It will save you a lot of worry to get a placement and enjoy the final year of your college.

But, how exactly can this be achieved? You must be wondering!

Here are 7 easy steps to convert your internship to a full-time job–

Perform to the best of your ability and exceed expectations

This is one of the top internship tips for students regardless whether they are looking to convert an internship to job or not. An internship is your first step in a professional career and it will give you an immense boost if you do a great job at it. Generally, most managers don’t expect much from their interns but if you do a very good job they would want you on board full-time.

Showcase your work ethic and take initiatives

Your work ethic speaks much louder for you than you ever can! Work ethic means the combination of your discipline, commitment to work and responsibility. In fact, maintaining an excellent work ethic is one of the top job tips for freshers. So it’s fair that the same advice applies to you as well.

Also, take initiatives. If you are not being given work, ask for work. This will indicate that you don’t shy from responsibility and are mature enough to do a full-time job.


Identify problems & issues, but offer solutions

It’s easy to point problems, but the beauty lies in offering solutions. The best way to turn internship into job is to identify a problem or issue with the company and providing a solution. Now, this doesn’t mean letting the company know their coffee is bad! If you are an engineer find out if there is a bug you can solve, if you are into marketing find a way to reach new customers, etc. Provide solutions, manager’s love such employees!


Keep the feedback loop open and communicate with your supervisor

Most interns complain that their managers don’t pay enough attention to them and their work. This could be because you have not shown the right attitude or openness in taking feedback. Ask for direct feedback; always communicate about your work. This way your manager will know the work you are doing and will be able to assess if you can fit in the company for a full-time role.


Get a mentor within the company

Ideally, your assigned supervisor should be your mentor but nowhere is it written in any fresher guide that you cannot ask for help! You can always ask for support, guidance or direction from other team members and even other departments. Having a mentor in an organization can be very helpful, they can refer you for a full-time role and even call you back later on with any opportunities.


Keep in touch after the internship

Networking is one of the perks of doing an internship and you should make the most of it. Network with your team members, other departments, and even the managers. Also, make sure you connect with your managers even after you leave. If you don’t know what to say, just follow the news of the company and send in a comment. Or, wish them on festivals; it’s the best way to keep in touch. And if an opportunity arises later, they will keep you in mind.


Ask for a job

Yes, this might just be the top tip to turn internship into job! More often than not, students shy away from asking about job opportunities. Sometimes, managers don’t like to take the first step as they might be unsure of your plans after graduation. Whether you want a job or will go for higher studies, which is why it is best to clear the air and let them know that you would like a full-time job. They might just offer you one!

So does this give you enough ideas to start working on converting the internship? Let us know how it worked out in the comments below! And for more such internship advice follow our blog