7 Top IT internships In Delhi You Can’t Afford To Miss

7 Top IT internships In Delhi You Can’t Afford To Miss


IT internships in Delhi

Internships add value to your education and increase your employability skills by getting you a brief experience of work life.

With the increasing flow of IT industries setting up in Delhi-NCR region, the opportunities for IT internships in Delhi have gone up proportionately.

For students of information technology, it is important to get some practical hands-on knowledge not only for the know-how but because the IT sector is incredibly competitive today and it is difficult to get a good job without internship experience.

While most IT companies are located in Bangalore and Hyderabad, IT internships in Delhi aren’t scarce too.

If you look at the right places, the capital has abundant internship opportunities for IT freshers. If you aren’t sure where to start looking, refer to these 7 top IT internships in Delhi you can’t afford to miss:



Cognizant is one of the biggest names in the IT service sector today. Over the years, it has rapidly gained the reputation in India and is now one of the most desired companies for freshers in the IT sector.

The company also offers internships in IT and is now taking applications for programmer analyst trainee at various locations including New Delhi.

Apart from being a software developer (last semester preferably), the company is looking for someone with great English comprehension skills as additional skills.

Cognizant is at 206 on the Fortune 500 list and hence a great name to show off in your job resume.

And that’s not all of it!

There is a whopping sum of money offered as a stipend to the selected candidates.


Sapient Corporation

Sapient is a marketing and consulting company with its headquarters in Boston, United States. The company provides business, marketing, and technology services to clients worldwide. The status that the company has gained in India is incontestable.

And now, the company is offering lucrative IT internships in Delhi and an opportunity to be a part of the multi-national, by applying for an 18-month long internship with the company. And if you do well, who knows you might grab a job opportunity at the end of the internship.

The internship duration can’t be compromised so only freshers with a complete B.tech degree are welcome. The company is offering a stipend of 5, 00,000 for the entire duration which makes it something to aspire for!

And the best part is that you don’t have to go through the trouble of manually contacting the company or sending out HR emails. If you are registered on Lets Intern, you can directly apply for the internship.

Register for Lets Intern here, if you haven’t done it yet.


HYBEC IT Solutions Private Limited

HYBEC IT Solutions is a rapidly growing software solution company based in the capital.

The major functions of the company are to provide client satisfaction in the arena of website development, e-commerce solutions, mobile application development, etc.

The company is looking out for applicants for IT internships in Delhi, and offering a fitting stipend on per month basis.

If you are looking for engineering internships that can convert into jobs, this is the place you can’t leave out applying for. Visit their official website for more information.

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SAP Labs India Private Limited

A number of reliable lists consider SAP labs to be one of the top companies in India to work for. SAP Labs has its parent organizations as SAP America and SAP SE.

The company has hard gained status in the IT sector and therefore makes one of the most desirable companies for software engineers.

If you are looking for IT internships in Delhi, you must consider giving it a try.

Apart from the reputation in the business, the company is desired for its unmatched work culture as well. The company accepts applications for various internships in the IT domain from time to time.

To get more information about the company and its internship offers, visit their website.


NTT Data

NTT DATA Corporation is a Japanese system integration company and a subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT). It was also recognized by Forbes Global 2000 as the fifth largest IT service company.

NTT Data is now looking for system support associate interns for their Noida office. The internship is paid and you can apply directly through Lets Intern. The additional skill required is a good handhold in deductive reasoning.

The company is also willing to offer job opportunities to deserving candidates at the end of the internship.

This is indeed one of the best opportunities for IT internships in Delhi you cannot afford to miss.


Growth Hacker India

Growth Hacker India is a budding online solutions company based in Delhi. The company helps its clients with web development solutions and other online services.

IT enthusiasts are called in to submit applications for the post of web development to join IT internships in Delhi office of Growth Hacker India.

The internship is paid and provides great learning opportunities as the company is still in its initial stage and the intern would be in a position to learn various things about company building.

You can directly apply to this internship opportunity though Lets Intern.


Pspace systech India Pvt Ltd

PSpace systech India Pvt. Ltd. is leading Information Technology (IT) Company based in Delhi. The company specializes in web- designing services, web-development services, Mobile Apps development and digital marketing products including Search Engine optimization (SEO), Social media campaigning, mail marketing, sms services including bulk SMS.

The company is looking for Android developers, under their IT internships in Delhi program, who can work on various projects.

A tentative stipend is on offer depending on the number of modules completed by the intern during the internship period.

The company is looking forward to some specific skills in the candidate. You can get more details and apply to the internship at letsintern.com.



If you are looking for IT internships in Delhi, know that it is competitive out there. But then, there are pretty much spread out opportunities. So, you just need to make sure that you are applying to a bunch of them. To escape from the hassle, just register on Lets Intern and apply to hundreds of openings by just a click!