7 Unknown Benefits Of An International Internship

7 Unknown Benefits Of An International Internship


international internship

We are pretty much aware of the amount of substance an internship is capable of adding to your career prospects.

But at the same time, choosing and getting a meaningful internship that sets you apart can be a challenging task to do.

Thinking on the same lines, have you ever thought of going for an international internship?

If you think it is way beyond your reach, think again!

To intern abroad does mean more than just sounding fancy. Here we jot down the 7 unknown benefits of an international internship.

Judge it for yourself, we would say.


Global Networking

The importance of networking in building one’s career is always a little less emphasized than it needs to be. And when you intern abroad, your opportunity to network with relevant people just increases manifold. It always comes handy to know people in the same trade, from the other side of the globe.

It can also be helpful in getting better opportunities in the future. You might choose to work independently or take independent projects.

The contacts you make during your international internship can really help you with that later on in your career. In fact, even if you choose jobs, you can use your network to gain some extra points as an employee (by helping company projects).

Embellishes your resume

Adding worth to your job resume is one of the top international internship benefits you get. The better the internship, the more weight your resume holds.

An international internship helps you stand out from all other applicants and your resume’s marketability increases significantly.

Another aspect that helps make your resume stronger is having more skills. And when you intern abroad, you are introduced to skills basic to work culture of that region. You also get plus points for language proficiency. So, a good deal overall!

Internship experiences teach more than just work. 

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Cross-culture experience

Cross-culture experience is not just an experience but a skill set every employer looks for.

When you are working in a foreign country’s work set-up, you aren’t just working in a different work environment but a workplace that’s culturally different as well.

That’s because the people belong to a different culture(s), speak different language(s) (local), eat different food, and follow different beliefs.

Working in such an environment is a challenge in itself and if you survived it, it speaks of your skills of managing in a difficult situation.

That’s the skill recruiters want in their employees. And cross-culture experience can do the talking to prove such a skill in your resume.


A desirable job in a multi-national company

Already having a working experience abroad makes your application much more desirable to MNCs.

The reason is that multinational companies often require to send their employees to their international offices for work and if you already have some experience there, you get a preference in the job selection.

Not only that, working in a foreign set-up introduces you to many things and concepts that are not integral to your country’s work structure.

Gaining such knowledge and utilizing it in your job selection process is how you reap your international internship benefits to the maximum.


Tick off your travel list

One of the top most things found in ‘to-do’ lists of today’s youngsters is to travel the world. And mostly the goal is to travel while they are still free of the burdens of life.

To travel before work and responsibilities creep in is a good idea but what could be better if you can do it alongside a desirable internship abroad?

It’s not impossible if you plan well. Just sort out places where you can get a significant internship and can have some splendid touristy time as well.

You can plan to do your international internship with a couple of friends but if it doesn’t work out, you can totally switch your ‘solo-traveller’ mode on.

On the contrary, you aren’t going to really get some guilt-free time to indulge into that amidst all the exams, internships, and job searches.


A job offer, maybe!

Not most but a pretty number of internships end with pre-placement offers.

That means if your performance is up to the mark and if the organization have some consideration of that, you can actually get a placement offer abroad.

It goes without saying that getting a job in another country isn’t that easy and you get it without going through the entire procedure.

And even if you don’t make it directly, you can apply for a job role conventionally and for sure they will give you preference depending on your performance as an intern.

So at the end, it’s all worth it, isn’t it?


Broadens one’s perspective

We save it for the last but it is one of the most important reasons why you should intern abroad. Doing an international internship broadens your perspective in a way that’s most productive.

Let’s say you are in the final leg of your civil engineering. You will typically know about what all prospects you have for the future.

Engaging yourself in an international internship shows you a hundred other ways to choose for your career.

You will see that you were missing out on so many things. Moreover, there are many ways to diverge your career even at a later stage, which isn’t easy to fathom until you take a leap.

Other than that, it also fosters your creativity by introducing you to non-conventional (as per your country’s work culture) ways of doing different tasks.



An international internship is a complete package, to say the least. Apart from what local internships offer you, it has loads of other benefits too.

This also explains why eminent institutions send their students abroad for internships and training. Moreover, it’s not just about India; students all over the world choose to fly abroad for extended experience to help with their career.

Maybe it’s time you give it a shot too!?