8 months. 7 internships. Shrishti Verma’s story of “Starting Young” and where...

8 months. 7 internships. Shrishti Verma’s story of “Starting Young” and where it took her.


Shristi Verma

I have always wanted to make it big in life. A well established working woman with big goals on target, was exactly the kind of life I saw myself living in the near future. What acted as a driving force was the fact that our college repeatedly stressed on gaining professional experience in various fields, through internships at the end of each semester. That’s exactly when in May 2012, I came across Letsintern and the journey since then has been one thrilling experience!

Through Letsintern I applied and got selected for the following internships:

1. KFC | WOW Ambassador
KFC, at that time, had just come up with their all new WOW 25 menu, introducing a new range of burgers, iced teas, ice-creams and more, for which they needed brand ambassadors for creating brand advocacy in colleges as students were the prime target of the campaign. As, the WOW ambassador for KFC, my job included promoting the WOW 25 menu amongst my friends, in and outside college, by distributing vouchers and making people aware about the various offers they could avail. Apart from this, creating content for the Social Media of KFC was one of the assigned tasks as well. We were also supposed to volunteer for organizing fun events at KFC restaurants in Pune to enhance user-experience, which was an overall exciting experience.

2. Campus Diaries | Marketing Team
The Campus Diaries internship lasted for four weeks, and gave me a valuable insight into what difference a well-thought out marketing and sales strategy can make in the building of an organisation. The internship included contacting customers, pitching advertisements and coming up with ideas to set up a new sales strategy. Appropriate guidance was provided throughout the duration of my time at Campus Diaries.

3. Letsintern | Campus Manager:
As my third internship, I was very fortunate to get a chance to be part of the Letsintern team itself. As their Campus Manager, I was responsible for promoting the culture of internships and the ‘Start Young’ campaign – which I, myself strongly believe in – by making people aware about how internships can serve as a valuable addition to their career and how Letsintern was making it possible for them to find their dream internship. Apart from this, social media marketing and on ground promotional activities followed along.
This internship was a pleasure to do, as I was endorsing something I had already tried out and liked all the same. Since my college appreciates and encourages student internships as a part of the curriculum, it worked out perfectly for me as it was considerably easy getting the students to understand the ‘Start Young’ campaign and motivating them to register on the site to experience Letsintern themselves. I also interacted with my batch mates and fellow students during the course of my internship, which helped me grow my social circle widely.
(Letsintern is looking for Campus Ambassadors. Click here to apply today and get a chance to be part of The Letsintern team.) 

4. Mud Rush | Campus Ambassador
Being part of the Mud Rush was probably the best experience, I’ve had as far as internships go, as it was not only different than all of my previous internships, but was also was inclined towards adventure and encouraged all 18+ people to let go of their monotonous routine to have fun. I was their Campus Ambassador and my main job included informing people around me – in college and through Social Media – about the events that were going to be held during the Mud Rush and increase participation. The best part was the weekly rewards which were given out based on the performance. The top performers, in the end, were awarded a free pass to attend the Mud Rush event.

5. Dell Computers | Campus Ambassador
In my 15-day internship with Dell Computers, our main task was to generate buzz about the brand by utilizing network to create a dialogue with the consumers. Using social media as an active tool for promotion was encouraged. We were also responsible for ensuring maximum participation in their new campaign running at the time, where we covered stories of people already using Dell and how has their experience been.

6. Channel V Indiafest | Registration Team
My last internship was with Channel V’s Indiafest, where I was involved with the organizing team and was supposed to help out with the registrations. Being India’s largest fest for the students, by the students, interning for Indiafest helped me in building real-time social networks where I understood that  the power  communication exists beyond the usual social networking sites.

7. QS Top Universities | Marketing Team
I am currently working with the Marketing and Sales team of QS, which is organizing a World University Tour, where it aims to bring together key decision makers from all over the world on one platform to solve queries regarding funding, universities, admissions, job prospects, courses and anything more that you need to know before making the important decision of which university to pick for further studies. My job includes reaching out to people who plan to get a degree outside India in the near future and convince them to register for the University Tour to get all the information they might need.

One person I would certainly want to thank would be Karan (Letsintern Cluster Manager-Pune) whom I came in contact with while working for KFC. It was because of his continuous support that I went on to do so many internships and managed them well. He was not only an incredible and very understanding person to work with; he was very patient and motivated everyone to do better. I’d even go out on a limb and say, he is by far the best boss I have ever had! : D
Thank you so much!

Lastly, I believe that there is tough competition out there & I want to seize the best opportunity I can find.

Shrishti Verma is an undergraduate student of Media and Communication from SIMC.

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