6 things hostel-life teaches you.

6 things hostel-life teaches you.


Apart from teaching the importance of Maggi at midnight, the value of home cooked food, the love of family members, how to bank on others for class notes or borrow interest free loans, sleeping on a chair, the unending list of funny but fundamental lessons, hostel life sure teaches a great deal more. I have been staying in a hostel for 8 long years (yes, you read that right), not because I was a naughty kid or lacked in my grades but because I always wanted to study in a boarding school. Thus, I am sharing with you the reasons why I consider hostel life as one of the best chapters of someone’s life.

Lifelong connections
I don’t care about the cleanliness of the hostel or whether the Wi-Fi connection works or not, what I care about most is the connections and friends you make inside. You’ll find all sorts of amazing people who won’t let you feel homesick.

Free advice
One thing you will find in every hostel you stay in is free advice. There is always a friend who is willing to help you out with the weirdest of questions you have.

You are allowed to go about exploring numerous fields that you have never set out before, in a new place among new people. You get to take up numerous open doors that you can’t take being at home.

Time management
Whether you excel at any other thing or not, managing time is a sure shot. From the gossip sessions and all other sorts of activities that you are required to do in a hostel, you learn to manage some time to study.

Independence and freedom
Independence is something that most of us barely get at home. In a hostel, you are accountable for everything from getting up in the morning, to having meals, to washing clothes and what not. Hostel life gives the flexibility to fly in the open and seek things you couldn’t pursue when at home.

Experience and Exposure
When you go out of your home to live in a hostel you really take in a great deal of new things, in particular, making new friends, adjusting to a whole new environment , doing things on your own, taking initiatives and living with freedom. Experience comes with time, from the issues, distress, frustration and heartbreaks.

This life brings out the real you and gives extremely valuable memories for life. Some of them are unquestionably terrible; however most of them are immense and priceless.

This article has been adapted from DU Beat.

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