8 things on your resume that you need to get rid off...

8 things on your resume that you need to get rid off right now!


Screen-Shot-2014-10-08-at-4.20.04-PM1. Page Two: A one page resume is what interviewers are looking for. Keep it short and simple. Mention all the important details but unless you haven’t worked for a minimum of ten years, there’s no reason your resume should be of two pages.

2. References: If the employer wants youth give them references, they will ask you for it. Do not include them on your resume. It is not required. You are only wasting space on your resume if you do write “References on Request”.

4. Tacky fonts: Ensure you are using the right font on your resume. Some say that it is beneficial for you to use Arial instead of Times New Roman – which has been known go-to in the professional circle. However, keep in mind not to use fancy fonts and ensure the size of the font is not too small or too big.

5. Controversial hobbies: It is not unheard of to be be put in a spot if you mention hobbies that are against the belief of the interviewers, or the company. Of course, it’s important to be yourself, and not change your personality for a job, however, we strongly recommend going over what you want to put down in this section of the resume.

6. Salary expectations and/or current salary: There is no need for your previous remuneration to be on your resume. This information is most likely to send the wrong signal. You should not even mention your desired salary on the resume. That can be discussed at a later stage.

7. Too much information: There shouldn’t be room for any private details on your resume. Apart from your birth date, contact details, interests/hobbies and current location, most other details are considered irrelevant to be put up on the resume. In some countries it is illegal for employers to ask for such information, as well.

8. Current organization e-mail: Ensure that your email address mentioned is not only professional but also make sure that you have not mentioned your work email address. In addition to that try to give only one personal contact number for the employer to reach you. Giving multiple numbers may cause unnecessary confusion.




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