9 highest paying professions in India.

9 highest paying professions in India.


1) IT.
IT industry has always been in high demand and thus pay their employees very well. This sector is said to be recession-proof and people with jobs in this sector get paid much higher than any other sector. For freshers the salary might be average but if they stay put and work hard they can eventually get seniority with high payouts. The salary ranges from 1.5 to 20 lakh INR per annum for beginning executive level to a senior executive level respectively, for example, a software programmer offering SAP services can easily earn up to 12 lakh per annum.Learn to Code for FREE | Top 10 Online Courses for aspiring programmers.

 2) Management.
Generally management students start their career on probation and undergo a period of extensive training. If you are a recent graduate from a good management college your salary is bound to be around 7-9 INR lakh per annum.  Management Professionals have high salary payouts ranging from 25-30 lakh INR per annum. With the present trend of hiring young CEOs and managements on board, doors to endless & wide opportunities have opened up.

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3) Chartered Accountants.
Updating and maintenance of books of accounts is a prerequisite for every company, for which they are willing to pay what the professionals demand. Companies are dependent on CAs and CFAs to keep their books handy for the audit time; and for annual financial planning as well. They can work in different areas like financial accounting, tax management, auditing, cost accounting, banking and consultancy. A fresh CA can earn about 7 lakh INR per annum and a professional CA up to 24 lakh INR.

4) Medicine:
Both regular as well as emergency medical services are always in demand, driving in huge amount of respectable money. Doctors having private practice and are well recognized and renowned command high consultation fees. Most of them are set to draw at least 5 lakhs per annum at the starting depending on their field. Surgeons get a much higher payout. Other professionals like dentists, nutritionists, dietitians, ophthalmologists,  etc. with good practice are also part of the race, earning at par with other well-paying professions.

5) Entertainment:
India is big on entertainment and the jobs in this industry are big on salaries. The professionals like actors & models, apart from their regular roles with fixed charges, get additional high endorsement worth. The options in this field are endless- models, actors, directors, producers, cinematographers, photographers, musicians, etc. all of which earn very well once they’ve gained a position in the industry. This is one of the industries where you can earn name, fame and money all together.

6) Aviation:
The demand for qualified pilots, ground staff, stewards, air hostesses, etc. is increasing due to increasing use of airlines as transport. Apart from airlines run by the Government, there are many private companies entering this sector to provide their services. The salary of pilots ranges from 7-9.5 lakh INR per annum. Airline stewards and airhostesses draw somewhere between 4-6 lakh INR. Air traffic controllers earn 5-6 lakh INR annually.

7) Legal:
In this profession the pay scale varies depending upon the cases you take over and your reputation.  Income of public prosecutors and judges are quite rich including the additional benefits that they get. Lawyers, when well established and hold good track records, can demand the fees of their desire. When considering the private sector, firms pay their employees quite well – INR 6-9 lakh per annum for fresh National Law School graduates and INR 10-15 lakh per annum for those with 4-6 years of experience.

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8) Sports:
This career has it both-the fame and the money. The advantage in this career field is that the demand is outweighing the supply. Once you are in the spotlight with consistent good performance, the endorsements and recognition will get you big bonuses. Events like IPL have given rise to many more job opportunities in this sector, like Sports Jockey, Sports/Team Management, etc.

9) BPO and KPO Professionals
Customer service is a basic necessity for every company irrespective of the industry and size; and for that they are ready to pay good money. Moreover with the global recession waning, the call center job market is booming once again. The starting salary for someone is the BPO industry can be low at first, ranging from 1.6 – 2.5 lakhs per annum, but has the potential to increase as you are promoted.

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