A Day in the Life of A Makeup Artist

A Day in the Life of A Makeup Artist

Love to experiment with different shades, colours, shapes, structures? Know how to kill it in the makeup industry.


Make up InternshipMakeup Artist Riya Rathore discreetly pops a strong mint into her mouth while reaching for her ‘pink pouch’ – a roll of makeup brushes – and tries to double check them before disappearing into the makeup room of her studio. “You really can’t afford to take chances when you are doing someone’s makeup” she smiles.

With 5+ years of experience within the makeup industry she believes that applying makeup is more than just applying a few colors.

It’s all about Selecting specific application techniques and products suited for a client’s skin type.

According to Riya, hard work, passion and dedication are the three essential ingredients required to excel in this industry. “I grew up in very simple locality. There was no influence of fashion and makeup. I often ask myself now, Where did all of this come from?” she adds.Makeup of Sunny Leone

Riya has worked with them all – high-profile models and actors like Chitrangada Singh, Sunny Leone, Soha Ali Khan, Ranbir Kapoor. We asked her to share some real life advice just in case you want to get into the freelance makeup artist game. Scroll down to know about an average day as a makeup artist.

What is a typical day like?

I reach my studio around 8:30 AM every single day. My day starts with an inventory check – verifying the availability of all the necessary makeup products.

Makeup Interns
Teaching the newbies is always so much fun

By the time the clock strikes 10, it’s time for me to turn teacher – I train my assistants and students for an hour or two.

I also try to have a word with all my clients to determine the type of artistic look they desire. I also spend part of the day researching and experimenting new looks. There are different kinds of work that are assigned to us like wedding makeups, party makeups, print-shoot, video-shoot, advertisements and films.

Can you walk us through the makeup process?

The makeup entirely depends on the comfort zone of the client. If the hairdo is funky, I generally tone it down with the makeup. I always begin with skincare. I do the eye makeup before complexion; that way, if I’m doing a dramatic eye, all the fallout can be easily corrected. Also, if you are working in tandem with a hairstylist, they typically start from the neck area and work their way up to the crown. So, I always do skin, eyes, foundation, and then end with lips.

What is the most important part of the job?

You need to listen. You need to pay attention to body language and read in between the lines, too. You client can say, “I need a dramatic eye” but their dramatic eye is so different from what you think a dramatic eye is.

Also, keeping yourself up-to-date is very essential. If you want to say something always back it up with sufficient amount of facts and research. It always helps! Some makeup artists and hairstylists think, I’m an artist, and I’ll do as I please. That never happens. You can do that when you have years of experience and a good relationship with your client. It takes time to say, “No, That is not a great idea.”

What is the most fulfilling part of the job?

The smile on the client’s face once the makeup is done is something that gives me immense happiness. Your job is incomplete if they are not comfortable with it. The creativity and the experimentation part of the job gives me the kick to work even harder every other day.

What is the most challenging aspect of the job?

Dealing with different personalities and understanding their requirement. Also, there is a lot of struggle and hard work required in this industry before reaching a certain position.

For the newbies, are the internships useful?

Absolutely. This is one industry where you learn the most on the job. Interning or training under some good makeup artist can help you kick-start your career in a great way.

How much does a makeup artist make in a month?

It depends. For someone who is new in the industry, training or interning can make up to Rs 15,000- Rs 30,000 per month but with experience and time you can really earn a lot. It entirely depends on your work and skills.

Do you have any advice for the new interns in the makeup industry?

Give your career a boost by training or interning in a studio or learning from a makeup artist. This is a field where internship makes you better and better on the job. And, treat your make-up like jewellery for the face. Play with colours, shapes, structures- it can transform you and this is what I do every single day!

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