A PayTM Summer Internship Helped this Intern Overcome Fear of Public-Speaking

A PayTM Summer Internship Helped this Intern Overcome Fear of Public-Speaking

Peruse through this featured post to know how this Intern overcame his fear of Public Speaking! All credits go to a summer internship at PayTM.


Summer Internship
A Summer Internship at Paytm (financialexpress)

Internships can be considered as the foolproof test drives before you kick start your Career Cart. A right Summer Internship can set your foot in the right career door! At present day, with a little hard work and plenty of smart work, one can grab each and every chance to learn something– every day. This is what Mohit Badaya did. Let us read how.

Why a Summer Internship

Today’s featured story is about Mohit Badaya, a Summer Marketing Intern at PayTM. Badaya who is an undergrad at Manipal University, Jaipur is presently enrolled for Business Administration. He has always been enthralled with the concepts of Startups and Social Media Marketing. His keen interests led him to take up a Marketing Internship at PayTM. He also has served 7 other Internships with companies like TrueCaller and the likes.

I am kind of an all-rounder. I am not too studious but yes ‘Startups’ & ‘Social media’ have always fascinated me and that is the main reason I am currently into Blogging, Startups, and digital marketing. I am also a Blogger, Google|Hubspot Certified Marketer and recently received an FICCI and Indian School of Business certification for a Digital Marketer.

Q. What were you looking for in your summer internship? How many did you apply to before you got shortlisted?

“Being shy and frightened of public speaking I was looking for an Internship that would help me overcome my weakness and improve my work experience. This summer Internship really helped me overcome that fear since the work included field Marketing. Well, I did not apply for any Internship beside this PayTM, It was the only one I applied and hopefully got selected.”

Q. How did you get selected for your internship? When did you join it?

“Before Paytm I did virtual internships in 2 startups (Internshala, F6Online), was a Truecaller Ambassador (current), had experience working with college club “Entrepreneurship Cell”. These experiences did help me in my selection. I applied on 19th May referring to a Facebook post of a PayTM Assistant Manager, and three days after that I received a call from the Assistant Manager, Now I thought it must be a telephonic interview, but the call was about my selection and I became so happy about it that I started celebrating in my mind and couldn’t concentrate what he said next 30 seconds! Next, he asked a little about myself and my interests and then he directly explained to me what the internship is about and what campaigns I will have to do. I joined on 26th May i.e. on the 3rd day of my selection.”

This was my best interview session till now and I loved it.

Q. How was your internship experience? 

“I always wanted to work in a good startup like PayTM, so this was a dream come true Internship. The overall Internship experience was amazing and I learned a lot of new things. In the beginning, it all started with field marketing as the work was to capture merchants (youth/student-centric areas). So it was quite a hard thing as I was new to Offline Marketing. Amidst my Internship period, PayTM tied up with Manipal Group to start accepting academic fees through the platform. So I had to do campaigning around the college campus. So overall experience was learning and amazing.”

I closed all the merchants around the college areas (there were 14 then) and had to convince my friends to pay their fees through PayTM (again thanks to PayTM, they started a cashback offer related to this)

Q. What did you learn from your internship experience?

“Well, I learned a lot of practical working skills. I also learned some off-factor things like patience, mindfulness, empathy for people working out there in the glaring months of May & July.”

Q. Do you feel more ‘ready’ for the job market?

Mohit says he can’t say that he is ready for the job market as of now because:

“I still have a lot of things to learn. Also, there’s always upcoming new things and updates as far as Digital Marketing is concerned. Being an undergraduate student I have to work hard before I get into Professional Market.”

Q. Would you recommend LetsIntern to others? If yes, Why?

“Yes Definitely! LetsIntern is an amazing platform for candidates looking for Internships/Part Time Jobs. I also recommend it to people who want to develop their resumes by getting the right Internships. Thanks to them for providing such a good and easy to use platform where anyone can register and apply for Internships based on their Interests.”

I also recommend their blog (www.letsintern.com/blog), I just love it, they always try to post great tips & tricks to getting selected for an Internship and also feature people with their success stories hence appreciating them for their hard work.

Q. In the end, do you have any tips that can help other students in getting a good internship?

“Hard work is the only thing I put my trust in.

As my favourite Entrepreneur, “Jack Ma” also said, “It’s okay to be an average student as far as you are learning other skills“.

  • Start working on your LinkedIn
  • Join Communities based on your Interest
  • Start looking for internships that fit your interests
  • Start participating in college activities and business events
  • If possible start writing, not just you’ll improve your writing skills, but you’ll learn a lot about yourself.”

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