Apply now: Climate Counsellor Internship with ICCE

Apply now: Climate Counsellor Internship with ICCE

The Climate Counsellor Internship turns students into core communicators - they are to inform, convince and bring more participants to the fold.


Become green warriors against climate change. (Image courtesy: ICCE)
Become green warriors against climate change.

And out of the foliage, steps out a leader, ready to take others like her/him on the road to revolution!

Whoa! Is that a scene from a Hollywood blockbuster, or the beginning of an epic page-turner? Neither – it’s a scene from your life – if you heed the call to become a green warrior – in this environmental internship with a change. Yes, we are talking about a Climate Counsellor Internship.

The International Centre for Culture & Education is an autonomous body recognised and accepted by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Looking for Indian college students, the ICCE is drafting Climate Counsellors for this environmental internship opportunity.

What is it all about?

The Climate Counsellor Internship allows students to become core communicators for the program. They are supposed to inform, convince and bring more participants to the Green (R)evolution Program. As fee their point of contact, they also take on admin tasks of collecting registration fee from the candidates and submitting the same.

The Counsellors will also be involved in sharing promotional materials with these registered candidates, including the Green (R)evolution Global Program Books and CDs, pencils and keep a tab on the plant-a-seed activity. They can also leverage the Advanced program, which available to all those who successfully complete the Green Revolution Certification Program.

What can you gain from it?

The paid internship includes a component from the registration fee, certifications from the Green (R)evolution Certification Program, Medallions and the like.

Candidates also receive a chance to work with an organisation committed to raising awareness for climate change and doing their bit for the environment.

Internship Details:

The Program begins from Jan 3 and lasts till Jan 29, offering a stipend of Rs 2,500 to Rs 5,000 to deserving candidates. They are looking at closing at least 10 positions for the current internship program. Candidates are still invited to participate in this program.

Interested? Then apply for the position here.




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