Are you really meant for internships in business development?

Are you really meant for internships in business development?

In this blog, we will discuss internships in business development and help you figure out if you have the traits for the field, to opt for a career here.


Are you really meant for an internship in business development?
Are you really meant for an internship in business development?

In the contemporary education scenario, Internships has become a vital step in career building. They help you bring classroom perspective to real life and evaluate whether you really want to shape up your career in the given field. In this blog, we will engage in a discussion about internships in business development internships and help you figure out if you have the traits for business development to get into a relevant internship.

So, here’s a list of the traits one looks out when looking for business development interns:

1. Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Being a service oriented field, business development requires excellent communication skills to gain clients by confidently putting in their proposal. Business development internship requires you to be a part of professional business meetings and to put in your perspective; you need to have dexterous interpersonal and communication skills.

2. Team Spirit

Business development requires a team to work together, and for a team to work together, the members of the team have to have the team spirit without having an ill feeling for fellow members. The competition among members should be healthy and beneficial to the organisation.

3. Negotiation Skills

Being a part of a business organisation and actively being a part of their business model, requires you to have negotiation skills. The central idea of gaining profit out of a client comes from this trait, i.e. how well and for how much profit you are being able to negotiate with the client or persuade them to carry business transactions with you/your company.

4. Research Skills

Research is the key to good business development. Until you study the market trends and business development in a similar field as has been over the years and across organizations, you won’t be able to give the best to your job.

5. Innovative Skills

More than following an ongoing process, a business development intern needs to improve the existing process with his innovative suggestions. It’s important to show up your innovative trait, to prove yourself as a good business developing intern.

All said and done, what is it exactly that the job demands? Jobs in business development involve:

1. Identifying new sales leads:

So, that’s where your research skills come into practice. As a business developer, you need to identify new leads for your organization either by online searching or by manual market research. This is one of the most important and initial jobs of a business developer.

2. Negotiating business deals:

The next step is to get in touch with clients and negotiate deals after a thorough research of their business and requirements and intelligently aligning your organisation’s profit to it. It also involves market research to keep a check that you are getting the best deal possible.

3. Maintaining customer relationships:

A business developer is responsible for ensuring customer loyalty by providing customer services that are up to the mark. It also includes maintaining a healthy relationship with existing and new clients with whom the company is in a business relationship.

Apart from this, the responsibilities and duties of a business developer depend on the requirements of the organisation in which the aspirant is employed.

So, do you think your qualities match exactly with what the industry needs and such a job is what you are looking forward to build your career? Introspect before applying for internships in business development.