Are you really meant for a content writing internship?

Are you really meant for a content writing internship?

Do you have a flair for writing? Wondering if you are suitable for content writing internships? Read on to find out!


Find out whether you are meant for content writing internships with our checklist.
Find out whether you are meant for content writing internships with our checklist.

Content writing internships remain the most popular type of internships offered to students, both in India and abroad. The numbers speak for themselves — according to a survey, B2B companies that blog 11+ times a month get 3X more traffic than those that blog 0-1 times per month. This rings true for B2C companies as well, companies that blog 11+times a month get 4X more than traffic than those that blog only 4-5 times per month! Companies are increasingly investing in content marketing as a part of their marketing strategy leading to more jobs and internships in this field.

Content can be of different types, visual content like photographs, infographics, memes, audio and video content like podcasts, short videos and exclusively written content like blogs. However, you cannot take out the written word from any content! You can have standalone written content but even a photograph needs a caption or context to engage customers meaningfully. This is why well-written content is always in demand.

A content writing internship is preferred by companies because they can get fresh content with new ideas, often from the demographic they are looking to target. The internship usually includes the following tasks –

  • Creating new blog content based on SEO principles (A lot of blogging is directed towards building SEO)
  • Writing, editing and proofreading of all content including blogs
  • Uploading and updating content on the blog and other social media pages
  • Writing social media content like photo captions, infographics, in-text for videos
  • Sourcing other content writers
  • Planning the content strategy, creating a content calendar
  • Writing content for business collaterals like brochures, website, pamphlets.

These above tasks are just some of the broad tasks that content writers take up in an organization.

Some companies have full-fledged content teams while others recruit content writers on a freelance basis.

Skills and traits for content writing internships

You will notice most content writing internships only ask you if you are good with writing but content writing involves a much larger skill set than just being able to write well. These are some of the traits that you must have to perform well at a content writing internships and which will also help you in understanding content writing internships –

1. Research Skills –

Finding the right information is very important for writing good content. Google has created a platform where the highest views or most popular websites are shown up as results but you never know if they contain authentic information or not. You should have the skills to find authentic sources of information like white papers, research papers or official websites. Without this, you might as well be making up statistics!

2. Writing Skills –

Writing skills comes up second on this list because even the best written prose may fall flat if you don’t do the right research. Also, if you have basic writing skills and know how to put the information in a meaningful manner, then there are websites which help you in honing your writing skills.

Websites like Grammarly, Readabilityscore and noredink help you assess your writing and suggest improvements. The more you write, the better you can get with your writing. And not all writing is same, you need to be witty for caption and copy writing but need to acquire a more serious tone for blog content, hence pick your style and improve!

3. Thirst for knowledge –

A content writer always needs to have a desire to learn more. You
must love reading about new things and wanting to write about them. If you don’t feel this desire to read then you are not going to like this job. While you may pick up a specific niche like say travel or sports, you should love reading news and latest happenings in the industry or area.

Also sometimes you don’t get to choose a particular topic but you must be in a position to read, research and write about it nevertheless!

4. Ready for criticism –

Writing is a creative process and there is often no right or wrong. If your work is going to be edited further you may notice that your work is completely changed or written differently. This may upset you because you felt you had written the best sentence of your life! You need to be ready to take criticism and work upon it. Understand that it is no personal issue here, but something that the editor feels is right for the content and readers.

Apart from these basic skills/traits you need to understand what your readers want. A basic understanding of your demographic will help and you need to create content that your readers will enjoy and benefit from!

So are you ready to take on a content writing internship? Find the perfect content writing internship here.