Are you really meant for a sales internship?

Are you really meant for a sales internship?

A sales internship allows you to get familiar with marketing and other aspects of sales and teaches you whether you're suited to a sales position or not.


The traits that mark you for and against sales internships.
The traits that mark you for and against sales internships.

To reach the heights of your business career and to be great with sales skills, you are supposed to be focusing on the skills of maintaining and developing relationships, negotiating, advising, and most importantly selling.

You’ll be dealing with clients from different aspects of life and trying to convince each one of them and to reach their level of expectation isn’t that easy.

A sales internship allows you to get familiar with marketing and other aspects of sales, which you must have read only in your academic books till now. So, getting an internship is basically about getting a practical learning of your academics. In the sales hierarchy, you usually start as a trainee, moving to sales executive, sales manager, and eventually sales director, if things go towards the right direction. Certain Skills and traits are the pillars on which your entire career stands while in a sales job.

So, let’s have a look at the characteristics which define if you are really meant for a sales internship:


A confident demeanour is a pre-requisite for all but we emphasise it for sales interns because you directly need to get in touch with the clients of the business you are involved with. And if you yourself aren’t convinced with your ideas, do you think your clients will ever buy that? It is also an important factor in improving business ties and has a positive effect on your business relations, dealings and even your overall attitude towards the job. It ultimately means upward mobility at work.

Optimistic Approach:

A bad day or a bad start is an opportunity for you to have a new start. Being in the sales department would be disappointed sometimes as not all deals work. That’s more of a rule, so you shouldn’t take it personally and instead should be working for ‘tomorrow’ with an optimistic approach.

Problem-solving/ Empathic:

Understanding your customers needs, whether financial or emotional, will help you gain confidence and trust with them. It doesn’t mean getting into their personal lives, but to know what they might be looking for from the business perspective.

Communication skills:

Of course, that’s a prerequisite to a sales job or internship. As a sales intern, you should be able to express yourself logically and should have the persuasive skills to convince people to buy your idea. To be a good seller you must be a good communicator first.

Also, your negotiating skills should be strong to be great at your job. It also helps you a great deal to get good fresher jobs.

If your personality matches these traits, the way to sales is open to embrace you. And if you aren’t sure yet, let’s have a look at the warning signs which makes you a total misfit to sales internships:

Lack of Industrial Knowledge:

If you aren’t interested in keeping up with the industry trends, you aren’t going to get any points to explain your products or ideas to clients. Lack of industrial knowledge and the disinterest to keep in touch with the same is sure a red flag to building a career in sales.


Leadership skills are a must for a sales executive or any other sales position. But when you try to make yourself look good at the expense of others, it is a turn down for a leader. A self-centred person cannot be in a job that requires him to be adaptive and flexible.Indecisiveness


If you can’t decide for yourself, there are little chances that you would be able to do so for your company’s clients and customers. Even though it’s a commonly found trait in most people, students looking out for internships in the sales arena shouldn’t be from this lot.

If your traits match with the second lot mentioned above and you still are very interested in making a career in sales, there is no reason to be disheartened yet. You can start today to bring about changes in yourself, to build the traits for sales and make out a wonderful career in sales.

As they say, if there is a will, there is a way.

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