Are you really meant for a spoken English Internship?

Are you really meant for a spoken English Internship?

Impeccable communication, especially in English is important! But can you intern, just because of it? In this blog, let’s discuss what traits you need for a spoken English internship.


Good in English? Here is how you can check yourself against a spoken English internship. (Image: AgileLeanLife)
Good in English? Here is how you can check yourself against a spoken English internship. (Image: AgileLeanLife)

Did you know? A significant number of interns fail at their jobs because they just look at the academic aspect of it. For example, they think if they are good with a language, they can land up with a spoken internship for that. But that’s not entirely true.

Before jumping into the pool, you need to know how hot or cold water you can handle. To be clear, you need to know if you have the traits to manage an internship. In this blog, let’s discuss what traits you need to have to decide whether you are really meant for a spoken English internship.

Traits needed for a Spoken English Internship:

1. Good Listening Skills:

To be a good speaker, you need to be a good listener first. And it counts as a really important trait for spoken English internships where you need to learn really quickly on how conversations go about in the institution and in the professional sphere in general.

Though it might sound be to be something not worth mentioning, but to be a listener is a world where everyone wants to put in their point and ignore what the other is saying, is a tough task and if you can do it, you can be a good candidate for spoken English internships.

2. Inquisitive Nature:

Being inquisitive or in other words, being curious is the key to adapt to a new environment or job. Curiosity is directly linked to motivation and intelligence. Students pursuing English and looking up for internships in the field should be inquisitive about every aspect of the task they are supposed to do.

You should be open to asking questions and learn through observation how to apply new vocabulary words and expressions to different situations. Being curious develops an interest in the job one is doing.

3. Patient and Dedicated approach:

A major obstacle to learning English is perfectionism. The desire of gaining maximum by investing only minimal time on it doesn’t go well with spoken English internship aspirants.

Putting your academic knowledge to practical use is a process and you will inevitably make mistakes but you need to be patient with yourself. Look for long-term benefits of the learning process and have faith in your capabilities.

4. Organised and meticulous:

Being organized is not only a key to put up your best front in front of your employers; it’s a key to learn the most from your internship. You need to be an organised intern, who notes down things like frequently used professional etiquettes while speaking to certain clients, vocabulary that is specific to the industry, etc.

Yes, it’s not a data entry internship and doesn’t involve management as well but still being organized can land you in a much better position after you complete your spoken English internship.

5. Self-discipline

Self-discipline and dedication is an essential combination to success in any field. To fit into an entirely different work environment for English students will not be easy, but the ability to stick with your goals and persevere will make the difference between the one who achieves and the one who just procrastinates. You have to hold your witty nerves for some time and dedicate your efforts to your mission.

6. Confidence

Confidence plays a crucial role in spoken English internships as it is the key to your job done right. Even though it can be a bit difficult for a language, that is not your mother tongue, to come naturally to you, you need to be confident till you achieve perfection.

Don’t let mistakes crush your attitude towards learning, rather learn from them and be confident anyway.

Don’t be hard on yourself and learn to laugh when you do mistakes but make sure you rectify them.

So, do you think you have these traits or at least you can work towards achieving them? It’s not always your academic qualification that lands you into good reputation at your job, but your personal traits that are reflected while you do your job and therefore it is important to work on traits typical to a given job or internship. And, if you think you have these qualities along with a good hold of the language, a spoken English job awaits you!

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