Are you really meant for SEO Internships?

Are you really meant for SEO Internships?

Search Engine Optimisation is not for the faint-hearted. Keywords and market research aside, these are the traits you really need for the job.


Are You Really Meant For SEO Internships?
SEO Internships need a mind attuned to digital marketing.

With the advent of the internet world, every aspect of life has significantly altered. Be it personal communications, social life, or business, everything has seen a transition thorough the web.

With the increasing number of users of the web, the competition has increased to gain viewers and buyers for various websites and online stores respectively.And one thing that counts most for this much fought about viewership, is the SEO of the websites. And

And one thing that counts most for this much fought about viewership, is the SEO of the websites. And since it is so greatly significant to a company’s growth, it has eventually developed as an important job across businesses. Jobs in SEO are on rise and so are SEO internships. But as every job demands, there are certain traits that are expected to be in an individual for doing the job efficiently. Let’s have a look at the traits for SEO internships that will help you decide if you are really meant for an SEO internship:

Writing Skills

To become an SEO expert, great writing skills are a prerequisite. SEO is about keywords and including them to the website’s content meaningfully to gain viewership to the site. And to do it efficiently, you must know how to play with words. Moreover, if your writing skills are strong, other skills can be eventually learnt during your SEO internships, but this is an innate quality which companies look for while selecting SEO interns.Market Knowledge

Market Knowledge

SEO is supposed to increase the visibility of the site on the internet, and reach out to a targeted audience with relevant content. Market knowledge is required to understand this target audience and channelising the content so that it reaches the targeted audience and results in conversion for the company.

Content Marketing, as it is popularly known, is one of the vital jobs of an SEO intern.

Research Skills

How do research counts as a trait for SEO internships? Well, understanding SEO internships is a bit more complicated than it is generally thought to be. It’s isn’t about just putting random words but properly researching about what people look for on the internet and how that’s relevant to the company.

Most used keywords are to be researched and identified to put it into the website content sensibly.

Leadership Skills

If you are doing an SEO internship, chances are you would look up for a job in the same arena. The content for a company isn’t all written by a single SEO writer. Therefore, as you move up in the hierarchy, you will need leadership skills to further manage other content creators working under your leadership.

And it’s always better to work on these qualities from the very start as qualities aren’t inherited in a day, but takes years to build up.

Result Oriented

No company is looking for an intern who blindly puts up words into the website content. The work you are assigned to do should be result oriented. If you are setting up SEO for a company, you should make sure it improves the site’s ranking resulting in business profits for them.

If you can relate with the above-mentioned traits with your personality, SEO internships are probably waiting for you. SEO internships not only prepare you for jobs in SEO but also polish your skills to get into the digital marketing business. Though not all traits are in-built, you can constantly strive to achieve it, if you are adamant at achieving your goal.

All the best, fellows!

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