Asking The Right Questions in an Internship Interview

Asking The Right Questions in an Internship Interview

When the interviewer is done asking the questions, you need to take up the mantle and as the right questions during internship interview.


Ask questions, and ask the right questions during a job interview.
Know how to ask the right questions during an internship interview.

What do you expect during an internship interview? That the interviewer will asks you questions, you will answer them. Or try your best to answer them without being nervous. You do all sorts of preparations on how to handle tricky interview questions. However, nothing prepares you to ask a question in return.

Have you got any questions for me?

Your interview went fine, you did everything you had read about, and then suddenly the interviewer throws this at you. Do you duck? Smile? Say you don’t have any questions? What do you do?

As far as you can see there is no point in the interviewer even asking this. I mean it is obvious you have read about the company you are applying for. You know what their field is and you know the position you are applying for. What is there to ask?

However, whether you feel these questions bothering you or you feel perfectly at ease, you cannot help but wonder what is the point of asking such a question in an internship interview.

“If an applicant doesn’t have any questions for me, that’s a red flag. I’m thinking that they either don’t care or can’t be bothered to do research about my company”, says Angela Smith, a high profile recruiter.

Understanding and answering the question

What does that mean? She is going to ultimately judge you on the basis of this one question when you have truthfully and brilliantly answered the rest others? Seems like a yes.

It is important to ask a question in return to stand out of the sea of other candidates who might have performed equally well. Asking a question shows you are interested in the job profile. That you are informed and interested and ready to engage with the recruiter and learn more.

It is important to keep in mind that you are not being repetitive with your questions. Don’t ask the things which have already been discussed in the interview. Instead ask what in there for you. How the company will help you grow in return and what can you expect in the long run.

You can additionally ask for some advice to improve upon yourself and come out better and well-versed.

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