“I discovered various aspects of marketing and grew my network.” — Nisha,...

“I discovered various aspects of marketing and grew my network.” — Nisha, Intern, Bausch & Lomb.


I was recently introduced to Letsintern when I registered and applied to my first internship, as the Student Brand Advocate for Bausch and Lomb, through them. Getting a chance to work for a reputed company in marketing was certainly exciting.

Being one of the Student Brand Ambassadors for B&L’s Iconnect meant that we were the spokesperson of the product, our ideas were welcomed, and it was our responsibility as an intern to help the brand grow and gain more popularity among the youth. My task as an intern was to market the product samples provided by Bausch & Lomb, i.e. contact lenses, in my case, by physically distributing the sample kits. Once the customer was happy with product the next task was to try and create more sales avenues for the product. Being a B.Sc(Honors) Mathematics student, since the beginning, marketing a product was a challenge but what motivated me to take up this internship was the diversity of experience I could gather as a professional.

Strategically thinking, contact lenses are most popular amongst the youth and hence I chose my college peers as the prime TG (target group) . My friends were really helpful throughout the internship, and a lot of word-of-mouth marketing certainly did go a long way in making my internship successful endeavor. They supported me in helping me make trials experiences for friends and friends of friends who wanted to but had not considered contact lenses over specs.

During the internship, I learnt that convincing people is not an easy task and it takes a lot of persuasion and intelligent marketing to make people want to try any product. I was not only introduced to various aspects of the marketing, but I also met new people which really helped me grow connections in my professional network.

We had to come up with various triggers that make a spectacle user come out of their shell and try contact lenses. We had to create creative videos and record experiences via photographs and feedback, come up with ways to communicate product benefits and features.

I cherish memories of everyone I came across, especially the time I spent with friends while I was starting out and needed a familiar face to practice things with. One person who acted like a support system throughout the internship was Aditya Aima, from Letsintern. Since the internship was placed during exams, he was very considerate with assigning tasks and deadlines, helping us achieve our target in a timely fashion. I was glad to have completed the internship successfully and make it to the top 10 performers list by the end of my 3 month internship program.

I’m currently working on my 2nd internship with the global brand, Veet by Reckitt Benckiser, as one their Student Brand Advocates, which I managed to bag through Letsintern as well. 🙂

Nisha Sukhija is currently pursuing Masters in Operational Research from Delhi University.

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