Benefits of doing startup internships during college

Benefits of doing startup internships during college


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The startup space in India has boomed over the past decade and has seen the frenzy of start-ups mushrooming in every city in India. However, the startup industry has somewhat settled in now, and a majority of start-ups are focused on addressing India-centric challenges and providing out of the box solutions and products.

Most students hope to receive a high paying MNC internship during their college, which is great and has its own advantages. But startup internships are equally beneficial and have benefits that beat those of established companies.

If you are considering joining startup internships in college here are the benefits you can expect –


  1. You will be responsible for making an impact on consumers

In most college internships, with established companies, you will be given project work with surveys or market research to do. But in startup internships, you will be given actual work.

This work will include day to day tasks or even major projects that will directly impact the company and its consumers. You will have the chance to create a positive impact through your skill set, which is way more than one can expect from college internships usually!


  1. You will get exposure to all functions and work in the company

One of the most significant benefits of startup internships is the exposure you will get to different tasks in a company. In big companies, you might get assigned to a particular team or department, but in a startup, everyone has to do multiple roles.

Once you get into the company you can choose to be useful in as many roles you want; as long as you can fulfill the work expected of you!


  1. Your work will be noticed and appreciated

One of the challenges of startup internships is that they might pay less than industry standard or not pay at all for your college internships. But, it is compensated by ensuring you are assigned great work, and you are evaluated for it and even appreciated.

Your work will be assessed in real-world parameters and not just based on grades or marks! This is more critical for you as it will contribute directly to your future.


  1. You will learn entrepreneurship and the challenges of a startup culture

Startup internships are often hyped up to be cool college internships where you can wear jeans to work! But, there is more to it than meets the eye.

You will learn the value of hard work and everything that goes into creating a brand and a company from the grassroots.

If you ever dream of starting your own business then don’t think twice and join a startup for your internship to get a crash course in entrepreneurship!


  1. You can take risks and experiment with different careers

Your first job can define your career, but one of the most significant internship benefits is the ability to give you a peek into a career before humping into it!

An internship gives you the chance to explore all the facets of a career before getting into it full-time.

So if you are excited at the prospect of working in a startup in your first job, the best thing to do is join one for an internship and see how well you like it.


  1. Your transition from college to career becomes easier

Of course, startup internships are infinitely cooler than MNC internships because everything about the workplace culture to clothing is different. You will be able to be a professional yet not lose yourself in suits completely in startup internships.

You will have peers who will treat you as an equal, with whom you can network, discuss, and learn from; even your boss for that matter.

You can learn from start-ups that one can be professional and yet be informal without impacting your work.

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