6 unconventional interview questions and how to answer them!

6 unconventional interview questions and how to answer them!


people-woman-coffee-meeting1. What are your plans after graduation? 

Make sure when you ask a candidate this question they understand that this question aims to know about their long term goals. This question should be asked to get a better understanding of the kind of person they are. This can further help you interpret how well they might for the job profile.

2.  Give an example or a situation in which you handled conflict or a difficult situation.

Asking this question helps the interviewer understand how well a candidate can handle different situations and whether they are someone who is driven by emotion or one who can be calm and take care of a situation.

3. Tell me about your coursework and how you want to apply it to this job. 

Asking this question can give you an insight about the candidates skills and abilities. You will understand if the candidate is one who can use their theoretical knowledge and apply it in a practical situation.

4. Why do you want to intern here?

There are a number of applicants who apply for a job without having interest in the particular field. You want to ensure you don’t hire an individual who has no passion or interest for the work they do. Eventually they will reach a stage where they will want to quit. Evaluate this answer carefully before you select a candidate.

5. What do you expect out of this job?

Asking this question can help you get an insight on how much this particular individual knows about this job. The answer to this question will also help you understand how much research the candidate has done before the interview.

6. Walk me through how a client meeting should go.  

This question is very spontaneous and can help you understand how the candidate will react in stressful situations. You will also understand how presentable the candidate is. This can be a good way to catch the candidate off guard and understand how they handle situations.




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