Best Kindergarten tips for a great corporate life

Best Kindergarten tips for a great corporate life

Kindergarten isn't just about sitting on the carpet for stories and learning how to read- it's all about learning those life lessons that will help you shape your life and career in the best possible way!


Kindergarten is just not about listening to fairy tales and learning how to read and write (though those things are equally important). It’s all about growing up and experiencing moments that you’ll take with you into your adulthood.

Life Lessons

In fact, if you really give it a thought, the most important lessons we learn about making friends, respecting our friends and elders, and, of course, painting/coloring occur by the age of six.

Yet somehow as we move into adulthood and beyond, these lessons begin to fade away from memory. So, now when you are planning and preparing to enter into the big bad corporate world, it’s just the right time to re-visit the basics and
recollect all those life lessons that are worth remembering as adults.

Make new friends but treasure the old ones

Kindergarten lessons

Do you remember the “change your seat students” day in school, when all of a sudden you’re sitting next to Joy instead of Paul. And while the first few moments of the new arrangement might have been a bit weird but by the end of the day, you had a new friend.

While changing the usual routine isn’t always the most comfortable thing but it is essential for your personal growth. As adults, there are no teachers around to give you that gentle push into unfamiliar social circumstances, so it’s up to you to expose yourself to new co-workers, social circles and make that initial, awkward introduction.



“Sharing is caring.” Whether you are excellent in your job with information to share or just have an extra chocolate that you coworker likes. Share. Just like you shared lunches during your break that gave you best friends for life, so here in this new world with new people, share.

Study time and Play time

Kindergarten lessons

“All work no play, makes Jack a dull boy.” Along with your meetings, presentations, reviews, and excel sheets, every once in a while do not forget to unwind. Maybe go out, play games, outdoor fun, it’s also worth recollecting some of the sweet old memories.


Kindergarten lessons

 Much like kids, many of us often fail to realize when we’re cranky and upset. Never let stress take over your life. You cannot deliver best if you are sleep deprived, stressed out and overworked. Taking some time every day to relax may be what’s missing from your routine.

Put things in the right place

Kindergarten lessons

This one should be common sense, but unfortunately, it’s not always at the top of adults’ minds. Respecting and cleaning your surroundings is a kindergarten lesson that you should definitely try to follow.

Leave a place in better condition than you found it. Whether it’s your home or an outdoor space, this is one lesson that can definitely make the world a better place to live in.

Say Sorry, Thank you and Please

Kindergarten lessons

It’s amazing how far these words can take you in the world!
Everything I need to know… I learned in kindergarten.” – Robert Fulghum, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.
Treasure all those little lessons you learned as a child, it is going to take you far ahead in life. All you got to do is, FOLLOW them!
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