Calling All The Geek Goddesses To Prove Their Coding Skills

Calling All The Geek Goddesses To Prove Their Coding Skills


Geek Goddess

‘Coding is a male-dominated field.’

‘Women don’t make great coders.’

‘The tech industry is and will always be dominated by men.’

How infuriating it is to hear these things, right?! Women are no less talented, hardworking and skilled when it comes to coding. Yet, even today this is a field that is completely dominated by men with only a few women making the cut.

One might argue that the number of women entering the Tech industry has increased, yet it is not enough. Women need to actually step up and take charge and break the gender bias. And, the Geek Goddess is here to provide you with that opportunity.

Calling out to the women coders from across the country, Geek Goddess is looking for a super powerful Captain Marvel to enable cross connectivity, for a talented Shuri to play with the unified power of Software development and operation and Black Widow who won’t be afraid to stand up, take charge and let her ideas change the world.

Winning the Infinity Stones

To win the coding championship and to set an example for other women, you will have to gain mastery over all the infinity stones and assemble them in the gauntlet.

And, while you won’t be able to save the Avengers from Thano’s snap, you will still be able to take home some impressive prizes –

For coding, the champion will get INR 1,50,000 with the first runner-up winning INR 1,00,000.

For the international coders, the champion will receive INR 50,000.

For the themes champion, the prize stands at INR 75,000.

Bringing in women empowerment

The competition in the Tech world is fierce. Men rule with an upper hand with a 3:1 ratio. So, this is your chance to step up and bring balance to things. The aim of this competition is to ensure that women coders get a chance to shine and are equipped to succeed in tech.

And, the Geek Goddess is looking to celebrate gender equality like never before, because gender diversity can push companies to exceed national financial medians by 15% or more and it has a direct impact on the revenue and market share of the involved company.

Also, gender equality supports creativity (we already knew that, didn’t we!) and having more women on the team means better performance for both the company and the team. If that isn’t more reason to celebrate women empowerment and equality, then what is?

So, all you women coders put on your coding hat and get ready to race to the top of the pedestal, prove your worth and silence all critics.

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