Participate in the Capgemini Super Techies Show | Win $25,000 and appear...

Participate in the Capgemini Super Techies Show | Win $25,000 and appear on the national television!


Are you excited at the thought of applying your innovative tech skills to real-life business challenges? If yes, here’s your chance!

Register and participate in the Capgemini Super Techies Show.

How it works is simple.

You will be given a real business challenge, and you, in return will come up with an innovative, feasible tech solution. If the jury selects your solution; you get a chance to show off your tech mettle and battle it out against global teams on national television. Not to mention the incredible experience of interacting with CIOs and CTOs of global brands, mentors, and peers and competitors from the world over.

What’s more?
 If you make it to the finals that are due to take place in Paris in October, you could return home with a substantial cash prize and the glory of being declared global Super Techies!

The competition is open to teams of two; and will begin with each registered team working on a case study, whose solution will need to be submitted by June 30th, 2014.

To know more about the Capgemini Super techies Show and to register for their newest season click here.

Launched in July 2012, the Capgemini Super Techies Show witnessed tremendous support and appreciation from technology leaders of global organizations and young techies from across India.

Riding high on the success of Season 2 which saw the show go international, Capgemini Super Techies Show returns with Season 3. This year it goes global in the truest sense of the term. Season 3 promises more action, tougher challenges, unmatched excitement levels and a tech battle with a twist.

Powered by ET NOW, Capgemini Super Techies Show Season 3 will bring tech professionals from behind the scenes to the forefront. Like in the previous seasons, it will give them an opportunity to prove their tech mettle at a global scale.

What’s more? Season 3 will see students from the best universities across participating countries pit their skills against tech professionals to achieve the ultimate glory of being crowned Capgemini Super Techies 2014! As the rookies take on the pros, may the best team win!





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