A College Degree Doesn’t Always Guarantee Success

A College Degree Doesn’t Always Guarantee Success


College degreeHow many times have we heard our parents say, ‘score well in your boards, then your life is set’. Followed by a, ‘do well in college, and you won’t have to worry about anything else.’ However, while a college degree is no doubt very important, it cannot always guarantee success.

If you are actually pursuing success, then there are certain things, besides a college degree that you must pursue. займ на карту маэстро мгновенно круглосуточно без отказа


Internships are a great way to set the foundations for a brighter future. Consider this, everyone you know, all your classmates would have a similar college degree to yours and so would so many other people. In such a case, what would actually set you apart from them and tell the recruiters you are the one?

Internships can help you ascertain that you become a hot property in the jobs market and have the skills to get your dream job. So, choose internships that would complement the job profile you ultimately choose.


Workshops are basically skill building platforms that can help you get job ready. Not just that, they can look great on your resume and tell the recruiters that you are pro-active and are ready to learn new things.

Workshops, when combined with a good college degree, can make you stand out from your peers and push you ahead for better opportunities. Also, workshops, if relevant to your profile, can ensure that you don’t feel out of your depth during the job and are actually ready to face it.

Volunteering work

Another one of the important success tips that you should follow is volunteering while also pursuing your college degree. Volunteering can have a lot of positive impact on your career in India and abroad. It tells recruiters that you have spent your free time honing your skills without being too bothered about monetary gains and would bring similar faithfulness to the company too.

Volunteering can not only make you seem like a bigger asset in the eyes of the recruiters, it can also help you make your case stronger in case you ever want to move abroad.

Skill certifications

Your college degree alone might not be able to guarantee success but a good skill certification can. The whole point of any skill certification is to showcase your various skills and prove how you are job ready and equipped enough to take on new challenges.

However, be sure to choose a skill certification that is recognised widely; something like the AMCAT certificate. A widely recognised skill certificate will make the task of landing a great job easier for you.

Apart from a college degree, you need to work on building your skills and getting ready for the future. You cannot depend on your college degree alone to help you get the job you want and stand out of the crowd. And, that is why you need to make friends with internships, volunteering work, skill certifications and workshops.