Career Development: How An Internship Can Help You Build Your Career

Career Development: How An Internship Can Help You Build Your Career

An internship is a sure shot step towards career development. Learn how an internship can boost your career in so many ways.


Career Development with internships.
Career Development with internships.

An internship is a great way to get out there, learn and build your career. Many of our interns did just that to find their calling, understand what they really wanted to do in life and know the career they were meant for. An internship can push the candidate in the right career development path and teach them numerous things.

With employability skills a raging and a sore topic in India, it has become all the more important for students to do extensive internships. Even before you step into the world of careers and grab your first job, companies ask for prior experiences which can be gained only by doing internships.

So, here is an overview on how internships help you build your career.

Work experience

With a few internships under your belt, you can score better than other candidates and have an undeniable edge. The fact that you have faced the “real world” and most likely know the hows and the why makes you a better candidate than your peers lacking similar internship experiences.

Also, your internship actually counts as a professional experience and has the capability to boost your resume and make it more attractive. Not only that, if you are good at your job then you might come home with a pre-placement offer and might not have to bite your nail through all the campus placements and off-campus placements sessions.

Building skills

Your teachers, the extensive notes you make, the overall classroom experience can teach you the theoretical aspect of a subject. To understand its practical aspect and know how to use that knowledge in real situations you actually need to go out and put yourself in places where that knowledge is required. An internship provides you with that opportunity where you can put your knowledge to test and learn both interpersonal skills and be employment ready.

You will also learn to play as a team and this quality will be an added bonus and take you to new heights of career development.

Knowing the industry

As an intern, you look closely at the industry you want to work in. You get the intricacies of it, understand the latest trends and are in generally up-to-date with whatever is going on. So, when the employer asks you questions related to the industry you know what to say. When they ask about the where you see yourself in five years, you know the answer because after spending months on the intern chair you have envisioned the future and are ready to go for it.

Building a network

Networking is an important career development tool and an internship can help you build and cash on it. An internship allows you to meet people outside your confined space and interact with people who are actually in the field, making a difference in their small way, contributing to things.

Internships help you connect with these people and build and expand your network. When the time comes to cite your references, you can ask one of these people to vouch for you and throw in a good word and add value to your candidature.

An internship is a brilliant way to explore new possibilities and build your career. It can boost your resume and the chances of your landing a great job in the industry of your choice and most likely a company of your choice. With an internship or a few internships under your belt, whether they be full-time internships or part-time ones, you can transform from a naive college student to a person with experience.