Career options for those who love to read

Career options for those who love to read

How cool would it be to have a job where you could get paid to read? Check out these 10 career options for the readers at heart!


Jobs for those who love to readAre you a self-proclaimed bookworm? or Someone who always look for opportunities to dive into reading? Here’s some great news for you!

Your love and passion for books can help you land a satisfying and lucrative job. Turns out there are a lot of high-paying professions out there that require strong reading and comprehension skills. Read on!



Looking for a job that keeps you around books most of the day? This is just the kind of job you’re looking for! At a library, you’re not only being exposed to a myriad number of literary resources, but you can also be the one who is responsible for guiding aspiring voracious readers to the books they’d end up loving. Of course, you’d also be required to handle certain organisational, administrative and clerical tasks at hand while at work, but that’d be worth being greeted by the smell of books every morning, wouldn’t it?



Mostly confined to Publishing and Media Houses, an Editor’s job is to make sure that the content being generated by the people is flawless – without a single word, spelling or punctuation out of place. Your job would also revolve around working on new ideas and developing stories worth reading. This kind of job demands an ability to read at an exceptional pace, a high accuracy rate to carry out necessary editing, critical thinking under pressure, managing a group of staff writers and doing all of this within a strict timeline.

3. Paralegal:

Who doesn’t remember Rachel Zane from Suits?


Well, Paralegals are people who provide legal assistance to the lawyers, which includes reading, maintaining and organizing legal documents, reference records, evidence files, conducting legal research for cases, drafting legal contracts for corporate and mergers and settlements, and much much more. A paralegal isn’t the person you see making a dramatic closing statement in the court house, but the one putting in the effort behind the scenes to make it possible.

4. Public Relation Manager:

The job of a PR Manager involves reading, editing, writing Press Release statements, speeches, other fundraising campaigns, interview questions, social media updates and more. If you plan to go down this road, you need to have a degree in journalism, communications, marketing, or public relations.

5. Political Scientists:

A political scientist is a person who keeps track of political developments, policy changes, and other historical documents, so that they can later use this data to come up with a critical analysis of social, political, cultural and economic trends, and predict how they are most likely going to affect a given scenario. They are also required to write detailed reports supporting their theories. For a political scientist, it is essential to have a doctoral degree in public administration, political science, or any other relevant area.

6. Literary Agent:

Literary Agent

A literary agent is employed by a writer to make sure that his best works make it into the hands of a decent publisher. It is his job to evaluate and get the manuscript pushed to the right people for reading. He is also responsible for making negotiations on behalf of the author. In some cases, Literary Agents also assists the writers with their inputs, if asked.

7.  College Professors:

What is better than to share your love for reading with other eager younger minds? As a college professor, you’d be responsible for outlining the syllabus for a particular class of students, reading and grading their assignments, grade papers, projects and texts. In addition to that you can also conduct research and publish papers of your own for personal gratification.

8. Historian:

Someone whose life revolves around studying, researching, interpreting and cataloging historical artifacts and related documents. A Historian  spends a considerable amount of his time reading newspapers, diaries and contracts to come up with an accurate representation of a person, event, culture or time.

9. Book Critic:

Book Critic

A job that allows you to freely speak of books and authors you love and hate? This couldn’t get any better! As a book critic, you read a certain number of books in a given duration of time and then review them based on certain parameters that might include – plot-line, character depth, nitty gritty of editing, etc. You can embark on your journey of being a Book Critic, by first trying out your skills on a blog, or Social Media.

10. Manuscript Reader

As the name suggests, a manuscript reader is the one in a publication house who is given the responsibility to go through every manuscript sent by potential authors. They separate the mediocre from the best and submit it to the editor. So, basically, you get to read full-time for a living. How cool is that?

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