College Admissions 2017|5 tips to choose the right college

College Admissions 2017|5 tips to choose the right college

Choosing amongst the top colleges can be easy for the toppers. What about others and the mediocre yet good colleges? Let us help you in your College Admissions 2017 to pick the right college.


College Admissions 2017
Choose the apt college (Source: WordPress)

National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF) has given its dictum on India’s top colleges in 2017. The premier institutes have been designated single digit positions. Eligible students can aim for these institutes. With the onset of the season of college admissions 2017, it can be highly confusing as to which college is the most suitable. Also, NIRF only¬†enlists 100 colleges– what about the ones which are not included? Let us guide you through the tips of picking the right college.

Other than keeping in mind the vital checkpoints like faculty, placements, fee structure and scholarships, you must make sure to check these points for the college you are targeting. It is important to pay attention now because college is a place where you will spend the coming years of your life.

The backdrop

College Admissions 2017
Make sound choices for a great career ahead! (Source: collegexpress)

The main motive to enrol for college is to be educated to lead a meaningful life. Without any ambiguity in this, you must also consider the kind of college campus you are going to enter. Duly note your college’s ambience. If you like a busy life, choose a campus that is well connected to a city. It would be best if you opt for colleges that are situated in cities. On the contrary, if you desire a peaceful, quiet life, go for campuses that are located away from cities. Analyse and carefully choose between concrete jungles and close-to-nature kind of places.

Finances and fee structure

College Admissions 2017
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In India, the academic fee for government colleges is mostly the same. But every student can’t get an admission in government colleges. Private schools charge almost the same as government aided institutes for academics. The difference crops up when it comes to hostel/ non-academic finances. Maybe that accounts for the better facilities these private colleges offer. Prioritise your needs accordingly.

Location and Connectivity

Be connected to your home and the amazing world outside! (Source:
Be connected to your home and the amazing world outside! (Source: Blogspot)

Location of your college is of utmost importance. You should keep in mind the distance between your college and your home. You should also keep in mind the modes of transportation and how easy to access. You definitely don’t want to wait to get home or come back to college when the teacher calls for an extra class over the weekend!

The Crowd

College Admissions 2017
College mates: Your network says it all (Source:

India is a diversified territory. You will find all kinds of people everywhere. But college is a place that you are going to invest in for a minimum of 3 years. For this substantial amount of your lifetime, you should examine the kind of crowd your college has. Nothing wrong in that, but if you know you can’t live in a place where regional languages are the primary mode of communication, try avoiding such setups. The key here is to learn to adjust and be blissful about it. If you can’t compromise, do not invest your life in such a campus.

Non-academic Influences

College experiences will influence you forever, choose the right college! (Source:
College experiences will influence you forever, choose the right college!(Source:

Choose a college which has plenty of influences other than just your classroom. You will be exposed to all sorts of things and that is what is going to make or break you and your future. Some colleges students avail the opportunity to go beyond the foundations of their academics, only to be exposed to different oddities of life. Remember it is all about exposing yourself to varying situations– only to learn from your own experiences!

Other than these, you should also consider factors like weather, job opportunities, the scope for internships etc. Choosing the right college for yourself is a decision which requires a balanced, patient thought. Do not rush yourself. If necessary take some guidance and do your research well.

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