College Admissions | What you can do with your CBSE Class 12...

College Admissions | What you can do with your CBSE Class 12 results 2017

Stressed about your College Admissions? Wait. Let us tell you what you can do with your CBSE Class 12 results when you are not about the entrance exams!


College Admissions
College is waiting 🙂

After the much awaited CBSE Class 12 results in 2017, students are of course anticipating the life that will unfold now. Now that you are done with the CBSE Boards, your college admissions are the fulcrums. Assuming that most of you have already traced a tentative career path to follow, let’s guide you further. Students who could not or did not take any college admissions entrance tests and are relying on CBSE results, read on to know what are your options after your 12th.

Try for DU

College Admissions
Du is the trend (DUbeat)

Delhi University offers college admissions based on CBSE results. The University of Delhi started accepting online applications for admissions in various undergraduate courses from May 22 this year. DU offers myriads of courses in various domains and the number of aspiring students escalates each year. All you have to do is log in and enrol. In 2016, DU initially processed 5 cut – off lists but issued more later on as seats were lying vacant. Try your luck in DU for college admissions this year, if you really want to steer clear of the entrance tests.

Apply to any Private College

It is really tough to seek college admissions in government colleges on the basis of CBSE results alone. However, private colleges can help you out in this case. Colleges like BITS Pilani have their own college admissions forms that are mandatory to get an admission. So, in case you happen to miss your AIEEE 2017 or don’t hope to score well, private colleges with separate entrance exams are your go-to. These exams also have late deadlines. Remember, private colleges charge as much tuition fee as the government colleges. But, the difference in costs is due to other facilities offered by the private schools. So, choose wisely.

Enrol for Bachelors in Science

You can enrol for any B.Sc course of your interest. The main idea here is to apply on time and know the nuances clearly. Just keep a check on the eligibility criteria and marks required. You can enrol for B.Sc in IT, B.Sc in Chemistry, B.Sc in Physics etc.

Opt for Bachelors in Commerce

You can also opt for Bachelors in Commerce if retail is what you fancy. It is a known fact that students pursuing Commerce walk away with some of the best pay packages from some of the best firms in the business. But contrary to popular belief, a graduation in commerce does not leave one restricted to the corporate world with an MBA or a CA qualification as the only career options. If you do want an insight into the life of a Commerce student, read this.

Choose Bachelors in Business Administration

Get your business mind into action! Witness a stellar hike in your career by exploring the career possibilities in BBA. Unleash the GURU in you. This course lets you have insights into concepts like financial management, economics, marketing, accountancy principles, and organisational management. So, if you have a mind that can produce business tactics, enrol!

Think about Bachelors in Arts

The best thing about this choice is that there are plenty of specialisations an aspirant can choose from. You can pursue BA, BFA, Journalism and anything that lets your creativity find a medium. All you need to do is apply, keeping in mind the minimum eligibility criteria.

Vocational Courses

College Admissions
Make your future pretty (lifechurch)

If you really don’t fancy following the mob and are looking toward a career that is not hackneyed – opt for vocational courses! It is not necessary at all for everyone to become an engineer or a doctor or a lawyer. So many people get off their chosen career paths and indulge into something else. If you don’t want to be another sheep you can choose the unconventional routes. You can become a writer, a chef, a baker, a blogger or anything you want! But, remember you can not wake up one day aspiring to bake World’s most fabulous cake just like that. Even the wackiest and unconventional pathways have the convention of hard work and dedication. So, if you have been preparing to be something new, dive in!

As Lenka sang to us, how she wanted to be anything and everything at once, I believe you can too. All you need to do is pour your mind into it!

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  1. I think pursuing the course at graduation level is a really important decision in shaping your career. So don’t go after what people say. As my papa always say ” Listen to all but do what you want.” Go and visit those institutions where you want to pursue your studies. Discuss with parents and teachers about your​ decision. If you want to study in other city , then don’t just see the course and career options but see the security at first. And last but not the least , it’s your life and at last you are the actual person responsible for what ever happens to you.