5 reasons why you should attend a college fest.

5 reasons why you should attend a college fest.


In the monotonous life cycle of a student, which mainly includes eating, sleeping, lectures, and repeating, ‘College Fests’ shows certain degree of fluctuations in the excitement levels of students. Why wouldn’t it? As the festive season slowly marches closer and closer with time, every student can taste the sweet scent of hard work; hard work of not only the students organizing it but the ones killing themselves with incessant practices to win that victory title.

Though, the only reasons why we should love fests are not because it acts as a catalyst to spark things up in one’s monotonous college schedule, but because of the additional perks. Yes! These exciting fests do a lot more to a student’s life than we know. Upon questioning participants from the fest “Umaang”, the cultural college festival of Narsee Monjee College of Commerce And Economics recently, I derived three most common answers. Answers these students believed played a vital role in the development of the student life.

1. Find where your heart is:
College fests usually provide an excellent platform to showcase all kinds of different talents ranging from arts, educational and sports to informal ones like JAM or hogging the most food in the least time. Despite what people may say, winning an event however spectacular or ridiculous gives everyone something to boost about to the world. A shiny piece of metal awarded can skyrocket one’s self-esteem. Having the sweet realization of being accepted with your amazingly weird talents makes people feel important.

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And if one fails to conquer that particular event; they know they were close, and next time they pounce they will be sharp as a knife and you won’t even see it coming.

2. Meeting the right people:
One thing my Father always emphasizes on is, “increasing your social circle.” What he means by that is not only increasing the group of friends you can go out partying with, but the ones who can have your back when you’re passing through your career development phase.

One of my friends got approached by a radio station, which invited him to recite his poetry for a special event. Delighted as he already was, he was happy to hear that someone he befriended in one of the outstation fests was the same person who recommended his name to the radio station. Though, he wasn’t looking for a career in poetry, he did hope for a career in writing. This small move opened him up to several other opportunities which only drove him closer to his goal.

Trust me when I say this, knowing people doesn’t hurt, and knowing the ones who can help you in the future, is the best thing you can do at an age like yours.

3. Say hello to Mr. TravelerPants:
After the excellent showcase of performances the contestants are given a well deserving break to explore the campus, people around or the happening city itself.

Every college has their own favorite usual ‘hangout’ place. This place usually has cheap, unhealthy but mind boggling food. Travelling from Pune to Mumbai for several festivals, what I still personally get excited about is the jumbo vada pav and sandwich stalls which are non-existent in Pune and several other street food dwellings Mumbai has to offer.

Despite the food, the cultural difference, the more hyper crowd, the buzzing nights in Choupatti or the magnificent skyline of Marine Drive, the list can go on and on.

The main point remains constant, the more I have traveled, the more I have learnt about the people, the types of food, and their preferred way to communicate.

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Nonetheless, it instills cultural sensitivity in all of us. Which I assure will help you out in future transactions or businesses, where your quick witted nature and experience will bind to make an impressive connection with the counterpart.

4. ..because you need a break from the books:
So it’s that time of the year where all the fests are coming to an end. Organizers and participants, all are slowly returning to their monotonous schedule again. College fests, especially if it’s your own, serve as a well-deserved break that though drains the students out of the physical energy, mentally gives them an energy boost that replenished their minds with fruitful memories of the fests that can be now cherished and can be survived on, until the season of college festivals comes around again.

5. Fun is where the friends are:
Apart from the fact that you get to attend the various events according to your field of interest, including concerts, Drama, Debates, Paper presentations and whatnot, the best part if you get to attend them with your friends. What’s better than to have the bunch of your closest friends to add crazy to an already eventful day? Take as many as you want along and break a leg! (Yes, we can see the onset of so many selfies, too.)

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