College Fests: Oneiros’17, An Exuberance At Manipal University, Jaipur

College Fests: Oneiros’17, An Exuberance At Manipal University, Jaipur

RSVP to one of the most happening college fests in northern India: Oneiros 2017, Manipal University, Jaipur.


College Fests: Oneiros 2017
College Fests: Oneiros 2017

College Fests are the times that every college goer anticipates, cherishes and celebrates! Save this weekend, save the dates 6-8th October 2017 to attend one of the most exciting college fests in Jaipur! Yes, trot down the nostalgic lane of your college life with Oneiros’17. Oneiros, one of the vibrant college fests, is happening at Manipal University, Jaipur. And we are here to enlist the reasons as to why you should mark your presence!

About Oneiros 2017

With Reminiscence being the theme, the event takes you back to the 90’s. Manipal University is reaching out to other colleges, with Oneiros being a venture that aims at promoting togetherness. This event is not just like those plain college fests. Instead, you get tonnes of opportunities to score few internships, get yourself noticed as you showcase your talents and of course, have fun.

So, the pivotal catch here is to become a Campus Ambassador. Why, do you ask? Here is why you should go for the CA position:

  • You get internship opportunities and free accommodations
  • You get chances to hone your skill set; communicate with people and improve your managerial skills.
  • You get a certificate to celebrate your participation

Any college student pursuing studies in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year can apply for the role of Campus Ambassador. As a CA, you need to publicise, manage the event, get traction and get people involved in the various activities, events, workshops and competitions.

Events At Oneiros 2017

  • Requiem
  • Destival
  • A Fashion Show
  • Plantastic (Business Plan)
  • Corporate Crunchers
  • Deciphers
  • Sensex Street

Giddy up and participate in one the most enrapturing college fests! You can visit the official Onerios 2017 website to get more deets. You can also take part by being a Campus Ambassador, Merchandiser and volunteer in the hospitality team. You can register yourself for the college fest via the official website.

Happy eventing!

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