College life |10 Computer Hacks that can save you a lot of...

College life |10 Computer Hacks that can save you a lot of time!

Here are a few technology hacks that you might want to know to make your college life simple!


College hacksIn the age of tablets and smartphones, your computer is likely collecting dust. Dropped your laptop more than twenty times? Doesn’t matter, you’re always on your phone anyway. These bulky machines aren’t obsolete just yet. They’re still more efficient than our new gadgets in many ways. It’s too bad we’re not in love with them like we were in 1999 because computers still have some tricks up their sleeve. Honestly, our computers and laptops are still really awesome and to explain why here are 10 Tech Hacks you need to know for your computer.

1. The Browser Notepad: Simply type data:text/HTML,%20<html%20contenteditable> into the address bar of your browser, and a notepad will appear in the tab, for you to write on. You can also save whatever you write in it as well.

2. Ctrl+Alt+Esc will directly take you to the Task Manager, as opposed to Ctrl+Alt+Del, that will open up a window where you have to manually open the Task Manager.

3. To do a Reverse Google Image Search on an image to find online, simply hold down the S key, and right click on the said image.

4., also known as the Wayback Machine, keeps a preserved copy of websites on the internet, which means you can access the website that is now dead – which means millions of free books, movies, software, music, for you. You can also find out what a website looked like 5 years ago, or when they first started.

5. javascript:void(document.oncontextmenu=null) lets you copy stuff from websites were right-clicking or copying is disabled.

6. Tired of Paywall websites, that give you only limited access until you pay for their services? (Washington Post and The NY Times are guilty of this!) Just delete the cookies in your browser every time you visit these websites or use the Incognito mode to access them.

7. Want to disable the Facebook autoplay option for videos in your newsfeed? Go to ‘Setting’ and turn autoplay off, from ‘Videos’ on your left.

8. Ctrl+Shift+R clears your cache.

9. Typing ipconfig in Command Prompt, gives you details about your internet connection, like IP address, DNS server information, etc.

10. Pressing Esc on a web page disables the animated GIFs on it.

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