College Life: 5 Perfect Ideas For A College Theme Party

College Life: 5 Perfect Ideas For A College Theme Party

Keep a note of these 5 suggested ideas for the next college theme party you have and lead a memorable college life!


College life
College life (Shutterfly)

Life is a party! Have a vibrant college life with these cool theme party ideas for your next get together. Try them all out.

1. Holiday Party

We celebrate so many occasions and everyone has different favourite holidays, so try this theme in your college life! By broadening the theme outside of just freshers’ and farewells you will be sure to have a house full of holiday-themed party stuff. The next party you have, make sure you have a theme party where you celebrate Holi in August or maybe Halloween in January!

2. Group Costumes

No solo costumes allowed! People will have to come dressed as a duo or group. Now, I’m not talking a two-person horse costume (although, props to whoever can handle that.) I mean every 2+ people will have to put their heads together to dress as a famous group. Example: The Pussycat Dolls, The Beatles.

3. Cross Dress Party

I have a feeling girls will be way more excited for this than the guys, but there is always a group of guys with great senses of humour who will not mind rocking some chick’s clothing for a night. Girls can enjoy a night off from the tight-fitting clothes they usually wear out and boys will see what girls go through for a change. Picture a hefty guy, put him in a dress, and add some makeup. He may not look as fabulous as the girls but it will still be enjoyable.

4. Limited Funds Party

The country is poor and so are college students so this party is perfect. Designate an amount, like Rs. 600 max that an outfit can cost. (That includes accessories!) Receipts must be attached to the pieces to ensure no one cheated!

College Life Bonus: The cliched yet much celebrated Pyjama Party

Pyjamas are for the slumber routine you have! However, pyjamas are comfortable and therefore ideal for a night of partying. And you know the adult sized onesies will be in abundance, which I can imagine will prove to be quite entertaining. Be adult babies.

Have fun with your peers in your college life. For more college lifesuccess tips and internship postingsstay tuned to the blog. Post your queries, opinions and suggestions in the comments section below.