College Life | Awesome Things To Do On A Rainy Day

College Life | Awesome Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Do you see water droplets trickling down your window? Or is there a blizzard? Rainy days in College Life is what you have to cherish.


College Life
Before the storm comes the calm (twitter)

College life has begun and so has the rainy season. With lectures and assignments keeping you on your toes, skies have decided to cut you some slack. While you hope for the sunny days, these are the things you can do on a rainy day at your college.

So, if the mighty clouds have decided to keep it pouring over your city, the ideal suggestion is to bunk a few classes. REMEMBER, I am asking to bunk a few only and do this:

1. Do Your Homework

Go to the library and finish up your pending assignments. While everyone is busy enjoying the weather, you can take this as an opportunity to study and of course in peace when all your room mates/ friends are out. Or, you can do group study sessions.

2. Take A Really Long Nap

Shut everything off, lie down and let it all go. Sleep all day. The mere feeling of sleeping even while you have your classes is blissful in college life. Wear socks and slip under fresh sheets.

3. Go For Paintball

Enjoying the downpour as you hit your targets with paint filled balls can be a priority on a rainy day. Or you can also go for bowling, ice-skating or anything that you can access near your college. Going for meals can also be a delightful option.

4. Check Your To-Do List

If you plan on staying in, try few productive DIY gigs, indulge in watching youtube with friends, for both entertainment and education. A day off can be a decent chance to hunt for channels that can teach you a thing or two. Browse the internet, locate websites that help you study at home.

Turns out whether has a real impact on productivity (Courtesy: a Harvard Study). Rainy days are said to be the productive days! So, get your rain coat and start studying! You can also go on mass-bunk; convince all the students. Or you may try to attend your classes drenched with rain water.

Let us know your rainy day stories in your college life in the comments. You may also like:

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