College Life: Here Is How You Can Make Up For A Low...

College Life: Here Is How You Can Make Up For A Low Score In Exams

Worried about your marks and where it will lead you in the future? Pull your socks up and get prepared to rock the college life and a dazzling future ahead.


Make the best of the college life while making your career.
Make the best of the college life while making your career.

How did you score in your exams? Were the marks good or were you expecting a better result? Or did you already know what the result was going to be but just hoped you had worked harder to achieve more? If you are thinking along these lines after the semester end exam, then you are not alone. However, how you take this opportunity and pitch in to make things better and brighter and make your college life worthwhile is what can make you stand out from the rest.

So, leave the drooping face behind as here are tips on how you can salvage the coming semester and your career ahead, even if you have not scored well in your college exams.

Come to terms with your marks

The first step towards scoring better and having a dashing career ahead is accepting that you didn’t do well this semester. That means, no beating yourself up over the poor show and no making excuses for it either. All the, “I could have scored well if only….” should be put under the table. The fact is that your grades and your career needs saving now and telling yourself things won’t help. You need to accept things as they are and keep the failure as the force to drive you ever forward.

Have an action plan

It is just the start of the semester but before you know it the months would have gone by and you will be stuck in the same situation all over. So, start planning now.

Make a list of how much time will you spend studying for class in a week. Look at the big assignments that might be coming up, have a plan on how much time you will put on each subject to go through it before the semester ends. And most importantly, have an action plan to revise everything taught in class the very same day so that you can retain the information longer.

Check up on yourself

Having an action plan on paper will mean nothing if you don’t implement it in your life. So, check up on yourself by the end of every two weeks to see where you are going. If you are achieving the things you promised yourself and how you can make the plan better and achieve more. Once you start getting in the “study” mode, you will love the feeling of answering questions in class and knowing things even before the teacher discusses it.

And, while the stress is not sticking to the action plan, make sure you also have enough time for yourself. Your health is as important as your marks or maybe even more. So, go out, play some sport, indulge in physical activities and have a good laugh with your friends to maintain your physical and mental health.

Do an internship

Doing an internship can move beyond saving your grades and making you future and job ready. Whether we admit it or not, the ultimate aim of most of us is to get a decent job and have a healthy, exciting life. An internship, whether it be a full-time internship or part-time internship or even virtual internship can add a lot to your resume, and weigh heavier than your marks.

Internships that test you, teach you, push you to achieve more make you job ready and highly likeable in the eyes of the employer. Internships are a great way to rise beyond just marks and gain the confidence to pocket every job.

Indulge in extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities pitch you as more than someone involved in just academia. It shows you as someone who can go out and do things. And if the activity is a team activity then all the better for it. Employers look for team players and working in a team gives you that advantage. Extracurricular activities also teach you a lot about time management and many a times “leadership”, all the things that companies seek for in an employee.

So, while you marks might have you worried, there are still ways you can catch up and win the race, while making the best of your life.