College Life: Things You Can Do For Extra Credits

College Life: Things You Can Do For Extra Credits

Yearning for good grades and excellent college life? Earn those course credits with ways other than your syllabi and exams.


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With UGC’s grant for credit based education, college life for students in Delhi University has become more systematic. The Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS) is a programme that lets students choose their subjects for every semester. Students can choose Core, Elective and Foundation subjects to pass any semester. Credits are vital to up your grades. Below are few things that you can do for extra credits.

1. Interdisciplinary Courses

Interdisciplinary courses are utterly convenient for earning credits. Like many colleges and Universities in India, DU also has a Choice Based Credit System and students can enrol for these interdisciplinary courses to up their grades. You can opt for classes for international languages like Arabic, German, Russian, Hindi etc. You can also study regional languages like Gujarati, Marathi or Telugu– as you like. Or you can partake in classes for subjects such as psychology, Anthropology, Botany etc. You can take any ID course to earn credits. Make sure to confirm with your department and University cell.

2. Read Your Syllabus

Many times, even after maintaining a decent track of courses you opt, students still short fall in credits. This might render you ineligible to take exams. If this is your concern, you can go through your academic syllabus thoroughly. Why, do you ask? Your teacher might have assigned more credits to a particular concept/topic/chapter. So, before you appear for exams, work hard on the high credit value topics. This way, you may cover up the shortfall in your credits.

3. Projects & Assignments

Class projects and assignments are really an easy way to up your grades. If your teacher offers extra credits for class projects, make sure you are well prepared for them. Score well in these assignments to get credits.

4. Ask For It

The last option you have is to request from your professor to give you credits. But before asking for extra credits, make sure you have genuine reasons for falling short of credits. Your professor might or might not allow you few extra credits but if you are really in a dire need, be polite and make a request.

While the credit based system is still a debatable point, DU students can avail its benefits. For more updates and college life tips, stay tuned.