College Life | What I missed in my Fresher Party

College Life | What I missed in my Fresher Party

Is College Life fun? Well, I missed all the 5 years of fun and had a bizarre experience. Hear out my Fresher Party experience!


 College Life
What a College Life! (gurl)

With a brand new college session all set to start, I sit here reminiscing what it was to be in the first year of college. The first year of college is some 10th dimensional parallel reality that many of us come to terms with in the final year only. That’s what exactly happened to me in the year 2012- 1st September. My Fresher Party. And five terrible years down the lane (my college life was..well, Non-existent!) I still remember the stupid day.

As I was “freshly” submitted to a bizarre Architecture College (G.N.D.U) where the first week went from zero to level 360 awkward, the fresher party was a chance for me to find few like-minded people. I decided to bunk the second half of the day (faced repercussions of it!) before the F- day as the only acquaintance I made, lured me into going shopping with her. So, as the both of bonded and shopped for the next day, she insisted that I sleep over at her place (a localite) and go together to the party. All we had to do was go to my hostel once and pick up stuff that I would need for the party. The moment I packed and was about to exit the hostel premises, I was told that girls can’t exit hostels post 6 pm. So, there I was– all ungroomed (had scheduled a haircut), with no outfit, no footwear for the party.

The next day was another shenanigan, all thanks (but no thanks) to my off putting roommate. This Whacko had to pick up her dress from the dry cleaners and I volunteered to drive her around (She cried until I offered). We drove to the cleaners only to find out that they are not open until 12:30 pm. The Whacko cried again and forced me to drive her back to the hostel. I cancelled my hair cut appointment the second time– still ungroomed, still no shoes, no outfit and no interest to attend the F party.

I was 2 hours late already. I went to the salon, got some grooming done, managed to get my hair cut. Everything seemed fine. I decided to attend what is called as the best day of one’s College Life. But to my sweet horror, my face had an allergic reaction to one of the cleansing products (Damn Lakme, Amritsar!) And there I was popping Avil. 

I still had no outfit, no pretty shoes to wear and a red swollen face. I managed to pick up my dress from the acquaintance and still went to the party– 5 hours late. I didn’t get to experience anything in my College Life. No fresher party, no normalcy and no farewell (The farewell was on my Birthday–had to bunk it).

And what happened to the Whacko? She danced her day in another Little Black Dress.

For more Fresher Party and College Life updates, stay tuned! And if like me you are so done with your college, apply for an Internship for a change!