College Life: Worst Quotes For Your T- Shirt

College Life: Worst Quotes For Your T- Shirt

Here are the 5 worst quotes you can dare to wear in your college life-- only to get unwanted scrutiny!


NO. (

“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.”
― Karl Lagerfeld

The fashion police are everywhere. You won’t find them trying to tail you but you’d find them giving you the look. That look when they scan as you walk past them toward your classes. They won’t punish you but you’d obviously be scrutinised. And the fashion police I am talking about are your classmates, friends and fellow students in your college life! Some days you’d be a part of the crowd and some days you might not. College life is tailored to have fun. Below are our 5 picks for quotes that you should ideally not wear.

1. Because The F word Is Seriously Overrated

“Fuck You You Fucking Fuck”

Yes, the F-bomb is overrated, overused and if you wear this to your college, you are over doing it. If you really what to pull off an attitude like this in your college life (BTW, at your own risk) you can opt for many other brutal phrases! But seriously, enough with the effing Fs!

2. Oh, Puhlease!

“Haters Gonna Hate”

Haters gonna hate and you won’t care? If that is what you want to portray then stop advertising it. Slay them with your silent but fabulous attitude, not this tacky line.

3. At Your Own Risk

“Female Body Instructor”

Come on, we are talking about your college life in India. And as I said, do this at your own risk. But honestly, don’t.

4. Ow, Really?

“I’m Kind Of A Big Deal”

Yeah, you do convince that you are kind of a big pain that people need to deal with! Enough with this arrogance. And if you really are high maintenance and a “huge deal” then let people experience that but without you beating the drum about it!

5. S.T.O.P

“Che Guevara T- Shirts”

Many people know Che Guevara as the “T-shirt guy” and the reason is that this legend is often found on many chests. Poor Bob Marley and Che Guevara have been long gone but we happen to continue their legacy by wearing them on out t- shirts just like every other person.

Stop messing your salad days and enjoy the most. You may try these witty t-shirt quotes instead. For more updates, internship tips, college life stories— stay tuned to Letsintern.