Confessions of a Marketing Intern | ‘I Wanna Be…Everything At Once’

Confessions of a Marketing Intern | ‘I Wanna Be…Everything At Once’

Poppy is working as a Marketing Intern at Peach Designs, a PR and Advertising agency. Walk her way to know the most pretentious undertakings!


Pondering Poppy
Pondering Poppy

Hello, Interns!

Who is the most annoying person you have met in your entire life? I have a list which contains 20 people and I have met like 200, this year itself. So, my list is topped by this sack of 10 % of air and 20 % of a control-freak and 60 % water– trust me that is not true but he seems dehydrated! Or maybe he is just a 24×7 stuck-up. He thinks he is managing everything and supervising everyone, but he just has an ascendancy over all of us at Peach Designs as he is the Boss! Who calls a marketing intern at 8 in the morning to the office? But anyway, now that I am here, posing as a marketing intern, doing this menial internship, I will just start working.

Kidding! I am super idle for today. What do you think a PR Internship entails? I am just doing research work. As I happen to read what this firangi PR and Ad agency has achieved and the kind of work culture they have, I wonder about their composition. Speaking of which, they have people from all educational backgrounds working in Public Relations! And what do we have?

How liberating would it be if, in our nation, even we could study Mathematics and Arts together? If we could learn what are the fundamentals of life and also be a musician. Oh, musicians don’t have a degree! Here, not all artists can earn a paper scroll that would authenticate their “natural talent”. Or we could enrol for the off-beat careers and still have society’s acceptance and respect. We recognise talent or any skill based on our convenience. If that weren’t the case, I would not be studying B. Tech (IT) and doing this internship without being judged for being an aimless 20-year old. But, I am not. One day I will establish a Pakery (Bakery that has both cakes and pies), total firangi style. And, I know it will seem like a directionless career. I ask, why?

Why can’t I study writing along with marketing? Why can’t I become an air hostess and study business? Why can’t I study physics with a specialisation in interiors? Our top colleges polish brilliant minds every year– only to make them appear like factory produced genii. Only a few fall off the track to find their calling and succeed! That is how start-ups manifest, right?

Why are the bars to qualify as a skilful person set so high? Is it because of the population? I enrolled for bachelors in Technology because becoming a lawyer was “too hectic” and studying Chemistry in the B. Sc tag was “too shallow”. And here I am, aimlessly running away from my B. Tech.

I think it’s time that we don’t allow 60 plus-year-old politicians to make our education just an agenda. Most of their brain cells are dead (courtesy: ageing). Let us for once, try celebrating humans as the most powerful creature– possessing multiple skills. Let us try to do what we want and not what others are doing.

That is why I want to bake cakes and also major in Physics. But I am blogging, sitting in an Ad agency. How twisted could I be? How eccentric could I be? Anyway, it is 10:00 AM and the leech (Boss) just crawled in. Got to go give him his to-do list, which I only copied from his computer. The man likes hand written notes! *Rolls eyes*

-Just a Marketing Intern, Poppy.


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