Creating a Digital CV | 4 things you need to know!

Creating a Digital CV | 4 things you need to know!


Over 100 applications for one job posting are far from being a rarity. As the job market becomes ever more competitive, approaches for job-hunting need to go beyond the well-written one page CV. The good news is that with the pulling power of the web, recent graduates in fact face more competition, but on the other hand can aim at a wider audience than ever before.

According to a recently published report, 56% of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s website than any other personal branding tool—however, only 7% of job seekers actually have a personal web presence. Creating your own website from countless available different templates from known providers like 1&1 is fairly easy and can make you stand out from the masses.

What should you include?

1. A concise headline: This can either be something along the lines of your Twitter description – concerning length and content – but it can also be focusing on the role you are aiming to play in a future job, basically like an apt future job description. Make sure it’s headline style and not longer than one sentence.

2. An “About me” section: Every good webpage has an “About me” that gives new visitors a brief description of what they can expect from this online presence. People automatically look for this section, so therefore a personal page should also always have it. Content-wise you should focus on giving a short bio in a few concise sentences. The “About me” section should trigger the recruiter’s interest to take a look at your CV and your work samples.

3. CV: This means you will always need to provide a traditional CV with the according information. Make sure a recruiter can download and print your CV from your page – in case he or she wants to file it for later. An extra perk to make you stand out could be the creation of a social CV. This becomes increasingly important for jobs in social media management and marketing.

4. Work Samples: A great thing about an online presence is the possibility of including a versatile portfolio of work samples. You can post links to former assignments and therefore underpin your skills directly.

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