5 creative resumes that got people interviews at Apple and other Top...

5 creative resumes that got people interviews at Apple and other Top Companies.


After the amazing response on Eric’s Gandhi Resume that got him into Google, we decided to compile a list of similar creative resumes, that have helped their owners get interview calls.

1.  The ‘Super Mario Resume’ by Robert Leonardi:
Most of us(We’re looking at you the kids of 90’s) grew up with playing Super Mario Bros as kids, but what if you could use the video game that represents your entire childhood in a nutshell, to get a job?

Robert Leonardi,who is currently employed as a designer with FOX News, came up with an interactive resume that  can be actually played like Super Mario, while you get you a glimpse of his published work, skills, job timeline, interests etc, as you move forward to higher levels. See for yourself.

2. ‘The Fabric Resume’ by Melissa Washin:
While people were sticking to traditional paper resumes or breaking the norms with interactive resumes, Melissa Washin, a very recent graduate from ‘State University of New York’  took resume making up a notch. To depict her love for sewing, Melissa came up with the idea of a resume on a piece of cloth.
” I wanted it to really represent not only my design skills, but my affection for sewing and including handmade elements in my design work for a more intimate feel. That and, well, I suppose it would be harder to throw away a resume like this. And yes, I got the first job I applied for out of college,” she says on her website.

3. ‘The Flowchart Resume’ by Craig Baute:
Imagine a resume that would get you 10 interviews in 2 weeks, two of which are with Apple and Colorado University. Craig, an MBA graduate made that happen, by making a resume which is in the form of a flow chart that he designed for an ad campaign on Facebook.
” I was kind of employing to not specifically creative industries and I needed something that bridged the two worlds, which showed that I was creative but gave them something that they could relate to,” he said in an interview with ecareers.

4. ‘The Google Job Experiment Resume’ by Alec Brownstein:
Alec Brownstein aspired to work with one of the top creative directors of New York, and so he came up with a resume that costed him $6. While googling for his favorite creative directors, he noticed they had no sponsored links to go with their names. So, he purchased Google Adwords for all of the creative directors he wanted to give him a chance and the result was this:

Alec got a call from all but one creative directors that he purchased the Google Adword for, out of which two offered him a full time position. He now works with Young & Rubicam in New York.

5. ‘The Infographic Resume’ by Hagan Blout:
Hagan Blout made a crisp, clear, and to-the point inforgraphic listing his skills, work experience, educational background and little interesting facts about him. The resume got him 100,000 hits in 30 days, with multiple interviews, a job offer and over 30 requests in his inbox from people wanting help in designing a resume. He now works at Ingk Labs.




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