Creativity in a shipping container

Creativity in a shipping container


This blog post is courtesy our partner – INK Talks

What would you do with an empty shipping container?

Most of us have seen one and passed it with a mere glance, just as we do with many objects on a daily basis. How many of us have ever thought of the interesting transformations these objects can take?

This is a story of how Alok Shetty converted a shipping container into an auditorium. Yes! A fully functional 250-seater auditorium.

The Journey

Being a game changer has run in Alok Shetty’s blood, especially when he designed a full-fledged, multi speciality hospital at the young age of 20 (another example of start young).  Not stopping there, he has combined his love for creating structures with a passion for social development and aims to improve the standard of living in numerous developing countries. At INK he demonstrated how trash got molded into construction bricks and shipping containers morphed into 250-seat auditoriums.

Lesson Learned/Ideas Gained

All of this simply scratched the surface of what is the future for the word ‘architecture’ and the innovations that can be and are being made. Also it’s easy to forget that Alok Shetty is one man because he is a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps it is because he believes that the simplest solutions are most often the right solutions, which is something most people overlook. To think out-of-the-box, start by going back to the basics and watch how the most creative solutions turn out to be effortless and minimal.

Hear him talk about this incredibly cool innovation.




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