Watch a start-up grow up close | Work directly with Rishabh Gupta,CEO,...

Watch a start-up grow up close | Work directly with Rishabh Gupta,CEO, Letsintern.


We have been providing opportunities for students to Start-young for a almost 3 years, though last 18 months is where most of the work has happened.
We have also spoken to lots of students about becoming entrepreneurs or working in start-ups. And today morning as I made the next 18-month road map for Letsintern – the challenge was two fold:
  • Grow from 100,000 active user profiles to 1 million+ active user profiles i.e. 1% of all students in the world.
  • Grow our 19-member team to a 40 member team along the way. 
Rishabh Gupta, CEO, Letsintern

I thought to myself – this is what scaling up means. Our budgets would triple, our ambitions would grow 10-folds and we will be heralding our most aggressive growth phase till date.  Its exhilarating but also going to the most hard-working phase for the company – this journey will move us from a fledgling start-up to a start-up to sit up and take notice and make us known to millions.

The journey was started with the idea to give the world to start-young. So, how exciting it would be for someone below 25 to be a key member in helping us make this journey. Being a 20-something myself, I know the struggles of starting young and I want to personally mentor, grow and nurture a future entrepreneur.
So, I created a special position for a very special person. And this is what we offer.
Entrepreneur in residence @Letsintern.
Traditionally this is seen in VC firms, but honestly listening to business plans does no great benefit to the skill of actually doing business. So I am bringing this position within a fast growing start-up (10,000 users visiting us per month to 160,000+ users within 18 months) to one bright hard-working, risk-taking, adventurous, instinctive,  adrenaline seeking 20-something with the will to take on the world and go down the path less unbeaten. This one isn’t for slackers, less ambitious or those with a faint heart. This isn’t consulting – THIS IS CREATING.
You can read more about us Letsintern on Angel List here.
So what will Entrepreneur in residence  do?
  • He will shadow the CEO – to work alongside him and report directly to him.
    (To the Game of Thrones fandom, this is like being the Hand of the King. )
  • Streamline communication within the organization.
  • Assist in creating company wide process and ensure implementation of the same.
  • Manage day to day operations.
  • Streamline financial process and internal budgeting.
  • Manage key stakeholders in the business.
Apart from these, you might also do other CEO job roles (the ones no start-up CEO talks about, ofcourse!) in a start-up like ensuring bill payments, bank work, regulatory paper-work, getting a new office space or office equipment when office needs one, keeping work-place in working condition, work on most weekends and attend to every possible problem a business has.
Must have’s:
  • The location of post is in Pune and non-negotiable.
  • Commitment for 1 year.
  • Age below 25.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Detail orientation(critical).
  • Entrepreneurial ambitions.
  • Ability to work hard and long hours(I work round the clock !)
  • The “Right” Attitude.
  • Analytical skills or simply put decoding numbers and reasoning skills.
Would be nice to have :
  • If you are passionate about technology companies.
  • Well traveled or educated in different parts of the country/world.
  • Any international work experience / internship / education.
  • One interesting hobby.
  • It would be nice if you love sports (cricket doesn’t count).
What we don’t care about:
  • Your college name.
  • Your degree or marks.
Entrepreneur in residence is a paid position @ Rs. 20,000 per month.
How to apply
Tell us three things:
  • In 20 words why you want this position.
  • In 75 words why should we select you.
  • In 50 words – when did you beat the system. Any one instance when you beat a system ( it could be school, cops, courts, colleges or any other authority who would not let you do what you wanted and in the end, you worked your way around to do it.)
Mail answers to with subject line “Entrepreneur in Residence”.




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