The Resume that got Eric Gandhi a job at Google | Can...

The Resume that got Eric Gandhi a job at Google | Can your resume beat his?


Eric Gandhi

What would you do to get Google’s attention – to stand out as a potential employee among the thousands of applications that apply to the corporate giant for one single position? Well, here’s what Eric Gandhi came up with – A resume that looks like the Search Page of Google, and he certainly got it right

Within 30 minutes of  applying with this resume for a designer position on Google’s website, Eric got a call for an interview and was offered a marketing position in the end.

“I was looking for a way to stand out from all the other designers out there. Truthfully, I got fed up with following the stuffy, formal conventions that you are expected to follow in your job hunt or work life. Although my field generally embraces and even encourages non-traditional techniques like this, as long as you keep the information readable and concise. There’s nothing wrong with making yourself more memorable than a couple of boring paragraphs,” he told StoryResumes in an interview.

After he was done designing, Eric posted the resume on his portfolio site and sent it to a couple of prospective employers. Soon, he started getting a lot of traffic from people looking for ‘creative resume ideas’ and his resume became the subject for a lot of articles all over the internet. Shortly after, he was contacted by Business Insider who featured him on their website, following which he was also given a special mention in the Alumi Magazine of Georgia Institute of Technology, which is also his alma mater.

“I certainly didn’t expect it to take off as much (or as quickly) as it did, but as someone in a creative profession, it’s always nice to know that something you made is out there inspiring people and pushing them to think differently,” he said in the same interview.

So, did he end up taking the  job at Google? Nope. He actually turned down the position.
“It ended up being more of a marketing position rather than design, so it wasn’t a great fit for me,” Gandhi told ecareer.

However, his story just didn’t end here, he was approached by a lot of potential employers who say his extremely creative resume and it became one of the topics that they brought up in the interviews he gave. His resume has also been used by a few professors from different countries to teach in their ‘Resume Building Classes’.

But Eric Gandhi, who now works at The Weather Channel, gives a little advice on when a resume like this may not score you the dream job. “I knew that a resume like this would be appreciated by other people in that industry. It’s all about context, though. I wouldn’t necessarily apply for, say, a position in finance with a resume like that.”

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