Facebook Programming Challenge | Code and score a job @ Facebook!

Facebook Programming Challenge | Code and score a job @ Facebook!


Five years ago,Adam D’Angelo, CTO and engineer Yishan Wong decided to broaden Facebook’s hiring horizons. “We developed this theory that occasionally there were these brilliant people out there who hadn’t found their way to Silicon Valley,” according to Wong. “They might be languishing in ordinary tech jobs. We needed a way to surface them.

The ‘Facebook Programming Challenge’ calls everyone from around the world to answer a timed programming question, in any of your preferred language from C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, Ruby, C#, or PHP.  If your code passes the test, you will be contacted by one of the head hunters from Facebook for a possible job interview for positions in analytics, database,storage and systems engineering, developer operations, growth, engagement and mobile, instagram, network engineering, parse, platform product marketing, program management and analysis, security and software engineering.

Take the test.

Following are the few jobs that you can apply to at Facebook irrespective of your performance in the test.:


Job-Role: MySQL Database Engineer
Location: Menlo Park, CA

Facebook is seeking a MySQL Database Engineer. This position will be primarily responsible for managing and providing active support for all aspects of the Facebook MySQL data set while helping to facilitate its continuous evolution from today’s best in class to that of tomorrow. Candidates should have extensive experience in writing efficient automation software and a visceral aversion to doing the same task twice.

Find more details of this opportunity and apply here.

Job-Role: Partner Engineer, Growth & Infrastructure, Mobile

Location: Hyderabad, Singapore

Partner Engineering is a highly technical team that works with our strategic mobile partners including OEMs, Mobile Operators and Developers to integrate Facebook into their mobile products and service offerings, to integrate Facebook infrastructure and technologies with mobile carrier networks for tariff segmentation and enhanced user experiences, and driving new features in collaboration with Facebook product teams. You will play a key role in the Internet.org initiatives working closely with the Facebook country growth managers in Asia region handling the technical relationships and collaboratively drafting the partner’s road-maps for cheaper and reliable data access.

Find more details of this opportunity and apply here.

Job-Role: Software Engineer, Instagram Infrastructure
Location: Menlo Park, CA

Facebook is looking for people who want to face exciting infrastructure scaling challenges. Ideal candidates will enjoy designing and implementing systems that scale seamlessly with hundreds of millions of users that decide to share their lives through images every day. Ideal candidates will enjoy the thrill of streamlining and supporting the scale we’re at, but also the larger scale we’ll grow to in the future. Instagram presents a unique opportunity to scale a system to hundreds of millions of people while working in a tight-knit team of fewer than a dozen engineers.

Find more details of this opportunity and apply here.

You can find more jobs to apply at Facebook here.





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