Facts About College Internships You Never Knew

Facts About College Internships You Never Knew


college internships

Degrees are great but college internships make the difference.

The importance and benefits of internships (unpaid) have been long debated. While some criticize unpaid internships, others believe in the learning experience gained during the internship period.

Gone are the days when a good CGPA and recommendation letters from professors could get you jobs at reputed companies.

The multinational companies prefer hiring students that have partaken in college internships than those who haven’t.

Also, what sets you apart from other candidates applying for the same job position? Yes, it is the internship that is integral to finding meaningful employment in today’s seemingly impenetrable job market.

So, if you’re going to position yourself well in the job market tomorrow, you must have some work experience before you graduate.

If you don’t already know, here are some unknown facts about internships in the world that will amaze you. Read on!


Internship facts

Paid internships

The paid college internship is the way forward. The trend is inclined towards paid internships that weren’t the case some 10 years ago. Unlike before, students have now realized their worth as interns.

The companies that provided ‘rich learning experience’ in place of stipend have bowed down in front of students who have proven their worth.

The fresh talent is looking for more and more paid internships to supplement their higher education with hands-on experience.


The Laws

There is no denying the fact that the students who carry a college internship experience on their resumes feel more competent as compared to the students who let go the internship experience.

In July 2017, Prakash Javadekar, Union HRD Minister stated at the Lok Sabha that all engineering students must be exposed to three summer internships lasting four to eight weeks during their college period.

This compulsory college internship rule is likely to increase the current student employment rate from 40% to 60%.


Virtual internships are on the rise

There is no denying that hands-on college internships experience is extremely beneficial. However with rising internet penetration, ‘virtual internships’ have started to crop up.

Similar to work from home jobs, virtual internships can be carried out throughout the year at the comfort of your homes.

Internships in the field of graphic design, social media marketing, and SEO can benefit from this virtual internship trend in India.


The college internship hotspot

Indian higher education has slowly caught on the college internship wave in the world. The hotspots like Delhi and Mumbai have become student favorites due to immense internship opportunities available.

The third most happening and rapidly growing city, Hyderabad, is the latest entry to the list.

Most students go looking for management or engineering internships in Hyderabad as it is naturally the new IT Hub of India.


The pre-placement offer

46% of internships in India come with a pre-placement offer that guarantees employment at the completion of the internship period. However, the offer stands null if you do not perform well.

So, while looking for internships do check with the recruiter about the post-internship period plan too.

The benefits of internships like these make them student’s dream favorites. This is because the security of a full-time job after the college internship is essential for career advancement.





Well, the benefits of internships, whether paid or unpaid make it an integral part of our educational career. No amount of textbook reading or assignments would provide you with the learning experience that a week at the internship would.

The exposure, responsibility, and accountability not only transform you into great employees but also improvise your overall personality. So you better start looking for the right internship for yourself that will advance your career.

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