How gamification works | An inforgraphic.

How gamification works | An inforgraphic.


There is always one game that you keep coming back to, assuring yourself that you’d quit after one level or after a particular achievement is unlocked, isn’t it? If only, our everyday learning experiences, especially in schools and colleges were this much fun, life would be a tad bit easier.

This is where the concept of gamification comes in. Initially introduced as a marketing strategy, developed to increase platform-user interaction by rewarding the user with credits, points, badges or other form of virtual currency on completing a set of pre-defined activities, gamification is now being considered as a major breakthrough in the teaching methods and learning techniques. This is quite similar to the levels in video games that dates back to the times before we were born.

Letsintern recently introduced the new feature of credits and badges on the student dashboards, which are largely based on the principle of gamification and aims at making the platform more fun and rewarding for. Have you checked it out yet? Login to your Letsintern account and see it for yourself. : )
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Find below a comprehensive info-graphic(courtesy: Knewton) that explains gamification and how it can be incorporated in the educational system for better outcome.





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